Decorate Tub Surround [DIY Hacks!]

how to decorate a tub surround

Following a difficult day, does your bath welcome you to relax or does it leave much to be desired? Perhaps one of the most relaxing things you can do in life is wash up. It’s an extraordinary method for separating from your bustling routine and relaxing in the solace of bubbling joy.

If you’re more likely to choose a short shower than a soothing bath, it might be time to install a tub surround to update your tub. It might hold the secret to furnishing your home with a spa-like atmosphere and treating you to the care you want. Are you prepared to add even more luxury to your bathtub? Everything you need to know about how to decorate a tub surround is provided here.

It’s not just decoration that surrounds the tub with tiling. In addition to providing sufficient support for the tub, the vertical installation protects the walls from water stains, which can result in the growth of mold if the wall protection is inadequate. Tiled shelves and ledges also prevent moisture and wet soap containers from being placed against the walls or ledges. Purchasing premium tile could ultimately help you protect your money.

Before installing any tile, make sure the surfaces are in good condition to prevent aggravating any previous water damage. Where the border ends is one choice that will impact the border tiles’ appearance and usefulness. To offer some impact prevention along the wall, it might start at the bottom of the tub and then extend a few inches above, much like a splash back. Tile the entire three sides of the tubs or cubicles, from the tub to the roof, providing the best possible protection.

A Tub Surround: What Is It?

The material that covers the walls surrounding your tubs is known as a tub surround. A tub surround is included non-permeable material that can be utilized for both useful and tasteful purposes. This keeps water from entering your walls and causing structural harm.

How to Decorate a Tub Surround?

1. Put a Coastal Touch with Shower Curtains

Install a shower curtain with a nautical design to bring the sea into your bathroom. This is not only an aesthetic addition. It’s a crucial component of your bathroom renovation that adds a tranquil, coastal feel.

2. DIY Your Tub Skirt

Build a shiplap-covered DIY tub skirt to give your tub surround more height and coziness, and transform your bathroom into a dreamy getaway. It can provide some texture and warmth.

For a cohesive look, paint the tub skirt the same color as your other furnishings. Use adhesive and caulk to complete the design. These can guarantee that everything is flawless and sealed.

Choosing a stone tub surround can also add style and luxury, lifting the mood of the entire bathroom.

You may create a bathroom that serves as both a utilitarian space and a retreat for relaxation by adding a tub skirt.

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3. Utilize Trendy Ceramic Tile

Utilize stylish ceramic tiles to tile your tub surround to work on the feel of your bathroom. It can give an extensive variety of plan choices in addition to durability. Ceramic tiles are visually striking and may be customized to fit your style with a variety of colors, textures, and sizes.

When installing, especially in an alcove location, you might need to trim the tiles into shorter sections to fit tightly around the bathtub. It’s a precise task that needs to be carried out with great care.

The end effect is a clean, modern appearance that not only brings out the best in your room but also endures over time.

4. Use Stone, Marble, or Other Elegant Materials

You may make your tub surround a sophisticated focal point by incorporating marble, stone, or other opulent materials to uplift the elegance of your bathroom.

Choose marble to offer a timeless yet modern charm. Choose slabs that go well with the lighting and color scheme on that side of the space.

Make sure the stone you select conveys the intended texture and atmosphere. After ensuring that your bathroom is operational, treat it to the luxury it needs.

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5. Incorporate Festive Joy into the Tiles

You can add a touch of holiday happiness to your bathroom by using a variety of festive tiles to create a bright tub surround that echoes the joy of the season. Combine classic white subway tiles with eye-catching accessories like small decorations, hollies, or snowflakes. These festive tiles could be the finishing touch that connects the coziness of the holidays to your bathroom design.

For creating a lively atmosphere, think about utilizing bright mosaic tiles. Alternatively, include metallic or iridescent tiles for a more subdued glitter. They’ll offer a little glamour by elegantly reflecting the light.

It’s all about striking a balance between functionality and holiday spirit to make your home cheerful and useful throughout the year.

6. Select Stylish Tile Backsplashes

You might want to think about adding a beautiful tile backsplash to your tub surround. Adding sophisticated backsplash tiles gives an elegant touch while shielding the walls from water damage.

Select tiles that go well with your bathroom’s overall style. The correct tile can completely change the area, whether you choose elegant glass pieces, traditional subway tiles, or elaborate mosaics. Keep in mind that correct installation is necessary for a smooth appearance and long-lasting sturdiness.

If you use certain tiles to decorate a tub surround, you can make a fashionable and useful focal point.

7. Include Lighting And Vanity Mirrors

Include lighting and vanity mirrors to go with the beach feel of your new shower curtain. Vanity mirror placement should be taken into consideration while decorating a tub surround to maximize light reflection and create the appearance of spaciousness. Choose lighting fixtures that blend in perfectly with the tub surrounds and convey the peace of the beach.

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Good lighting highlights the characteristics of the tub surround while also lighting your grooming operations.

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8. Explore Reliable Flooring

Now let’s talk about the floor. To go with your newly painted tub surround, you should think about choosing solutions that are strong and resistant to moisture.

Because ceramic tiles and luxury vinyl planks can tolerate moisture and tub splashing, many homeowners choose them. You’ll be amazed at how these materials improve your bathroom’s overall appearance in addition to increasing safety.

It’s important to pick a floor that combines the entire space when you want to make a statement. Select a look that will hold up to regular use and go well with the modern feel of your renovated area.

9. Include Chic Towels and Linens

Adding chic linens and thick towels will quickly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. They contribute to the harmonious flow of your recently embellished tub surround.

To get a unified look, select linens and towels that complement the hues and patterns in your design. Consider more than just color. Think about texture as well. Luxurious, fluffy towels give your room an air of luxury. When not in use, arrange them on shelves or suspend them on ornamental hooks to double as useful objects and chic decorations. Remember that the details are important.

Select linens with eye-catching embroidery or trims that go well with the overall design. By choosing these products, you’ll improve the aesthetics of your bathroom and have opulent bathing experiences.

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10. Make Use of Art and Greenery

Potted plants and hanging greenery around the tub surround are great ways to add a natural element to your bathroom. These components impart a feeling of peace and renewal. The harsh edges of the surroundings can be tempered by them. Think about hardy plants that do well in damp conditions. These low-maintenance plants are wonderful accents to any interior design.

Use art to balance the green. Consider framed plant images that complement your decor or sophisticated Italian tiles. This harmonic visual attraction is produced by the art and vegetation together. It elevates your tub to the center stage of a relaxing sanctuary.

Considerations When Purchasing Tub Surrounds

Having learned every decorating idea there is, you should still be able to select a tub surround that works well for your bathroom. Why? Even if a tub surround may be of excellent quality, your bathroom may not be the optimal place for it. Check out this section, then!

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Examine The Dimensions Of The Tub Surround.

To find out how big your tub surround should be, you must first measure your tub. You should choose a different tub surround if the one you plan to purchase is too tiny for your tub.

However, if you’re preferred tub surround appears excessively big for your bathroom. Make sure it can be modified to suit the dimensions of your tub. You can take advantage of it if it is movable. If not, then it’s time to think about other choices.

Think About Your Bathroom Designs

After you’ve established that the tub surround will fit in your bathroom, consider any possible structural issues. Does a window exist in your bathroom? If so, you should pick ones that are thin enough for you to trim to make them fit the window.

Think About the Decor in Your Bathroom

Tub surrounds can also be employed as décor, as I’ve already mentioned. It follows that you should choose a tub surround that supplements the style of your washroom. Choosing a tub that supplements the shades of your current bathroom decorations is smart.

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Type Of Installation

Purchasing tub surrounds involves much more consideration than just selecting the desired color, material, or size. In addition to such variables, installation type must be taken into consideration.

Type Of Installation Direct To Stud

Installing large, thick tub surrounds directly to the stud is typically necessary. Put another way, to access the studs for the construction of your tub surround, you will need to remove all of the current drywall surrounding your tub. Usually, this kind of installation takes the longest and demands the most work.

Type Of Installation That Is Glued To The Wallboard

Certain tub surrounds can be attached directly to the wallboards, especially if they are composed of thin, non-porous panels. Typically, these tub surrounds are available in three- or five-piece sets that include shelves. This kind of installation is simpler and typically requires less time.

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Materials Also Matter

It’s time to give your preferences and needs some thought. Distinct materials will yield varying advantages and difficulties. So, while purchasing tub surrounds, consider the material as well.

Conclusion: How to Decorate a Tub Surround

In conclusion, how to decorate a tub surround. Even the most basic white bathtub can be given a whole different concept by adding accessories and color. Consider how you want to feel when you’re in the tub and use bold colors and patterns for drama or muted tones and monochromatic for a calm sanctuary.

Small seats or stools in your bathroom give it personality. A wide variety of plants makes your area feel like a living space. Choose a single finish and stick with it throughout because the color of your faucet and the other metalwork are equally essential.

Thus, prepare your luxurious towels, light a few of your carefully selected candles, and indulge in a lengthy, warm bath.


How Should A Tub Surround Be Styled?

Think large and use larger tiles to fill in most of the surrounding area, or go smaller and use mosaics alone to create a gorgeous accent wall. Combine various hues and designs to surround your tub, the distinctive centerpiece of your bathroom.

Can A Tub Surround Be Tiled?

Most homeowners can complete the task of tiling a shower or bath surround if they have the necessary equipment, supplies, and time.

Can A Tub Surround Be Cut Down To Fit?

You can mark the panel with a piece of masking tape if you need to cut it to fit properly. You’ll get a cleaner cut and a more defined line as a result. Take your measurements and use a straightedge to create the cut line. To trim the panel to the right size, use a jig saw.

Is Installing Tub Surrounds Easy?

Installing and maintaining bathtub and shower surrounds is an easy task. Use a glue-to-wall surround to modernize your bathroom by following our ten instructions. It is important to thoroughly study the manufacturer’s instructions as installation methods can differ amongst products.

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