Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas: Luxury Trends!!

Navy blue vanity bathroom ideas

If you want to make a bathroom that blends elegance and usual style, navy blue stands out as a superb option. Navy blue vanity bathroom ideas have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and of course, for a valid reason. You will also say this once you explore it.

The deep and rich tone of navy blue gives a sensation of luxury and peace to your bathroom, it will fulfil your wish of an ideal bathroom theme.

The Elegance Of Navy Blue Vanity:

You have purchased a navy blue vanity or you already have one then you will be curious and confused about how to style a vanity in your bathroom that could not look odd and different from the bathroom.

Navy blue goes well with many other colours, you can make your bathroom look unique and stylish in a lot of different ways.I will help you with your problem by providing you some style ideas.

Choosing The Right Navy Blue Vanity

Choosing the Right Navy Blue Vanity

Make sure the vanity you have should be of the right size according to the bathroom, considering its layout. Update it paint and hardware’s for the style you choose whether modern, vintage.

Make sure you take samples for hardware’s, paint colours and tiles so that you could create a complete look easily that synchronies and blends well.

Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas

You can enhance the beauty of navy blue vanity by following these ideas:

Vanity Hardware’s:

Vanity hardware’s

A lot can be transformed by little things. Pick handles and fittings that go with the colour scheme. For a modern look taps and cabinet buttons made of brushed nickel or matte black can be used. For a retro look old brass fittings can be used.

Golden hardware can give a sense of luxury and silver coloured fixtures give a sleek and modern appeal.

Navy Blue Vanity Bathroom Ideas With Mirror:

Putting together a navy blue vanity bathroom with the right mirror can really make the space look better. Here are some Magic ideas for your navy blue bathroom:

White Framed Mirror:

The white framed mirror will give a touch of classic elegance and will make your bathroom feel timelessly inviting.

Nautical Charm With A Porthole Mirror:

Nautical Charm with a Porthole Mirror

Get the nautical theme with a round porthole style mirror with metal or wooden frames. Best for the boy’s room.

Modern Frameless Mirrors:

If you want a clean and chic look consider frameless mirrors.  They can seamlessly meld with any colour strategy designing a minimalistic and airy sense for you.

Vintage Charm With A Weathered Wood Mirror:

Vintage Charm with a Weathered Wood Mirror

For a touch of vintage charm, go select a wood-framed mirror. The worn out, rustic look of the frame can sum up character and zeal to your navy blue bathroom.

Backlit Mirror:

Upgrade your navy blue bathroom with a backlit mirror. LED backlighting can furnish a soft, flattering shine and create a luxurious aura. They can make your bathroom sense like a high end spa.



Try different shapes of mirror as per your preferences. Like oval, circle, rectangular, hexagon all will complement with your vanity.

You can add two mirrors if you want a wide wall. Discover what you can put between two mirrors in vanity to fill the gap.

Styling colours scheme:

Now it’s time to style your bathroom according to navy blue vanity. Wall colour, title colour etc. Let’s check different colour options:

Option 1: Let It Stand Out:

Let it stand out

First option is to make your overall bathroom in white paint and tiles and let your navy blue vanity stand out in the bathroom, which will be the striking focal point and clean and classic design. Also add seashell theme.

Option 2: Navy Blue Strip Addition:

Navy Blue Strip Addition

You don’t want overall white bathroom, then you can add same colour tiles in shower wall or on 1 wall of bathroom. This will also make some matching and look classic.

Option 3: Patterned Flooring Tiles:

Patterned Flooring Tiles

You can also add pattern Spanish style tiles for the floor. This will make you fall for ambiance, trust me! This will give your bathroom a charm and character.

Option 4: Blue Pattern Wallpapers:

Blue pattern wallpapers-

You can also add patterns in wall to compliment with navy blue vanity. This delivers the space more artistic style and make it look additional appealing to.

Option 5: Overall Blue Theme:

Overall blue theme

Make a fancy all-blue bathroom with blue paint and divide half by adding white titles that go together. Make sure the things are aligned correctly for the best combo and a high-end aesthetically pleasing result.

Option 6: Combo With Grey:

Combo With Grey

Adding a grey backdrop wall with your blue vanity can make a stylish and balanced difference that gives your bathroom depth and class.

Option 7: Combo With Cream And Beige:

Combo With Cream And Beige-

You can choose a mix of earthy colours like tan or brown. These colours go well with the navy blue vanity to make the bathroom look calm, warm and cozy.

Option 8: Wood Floor:

wood floor-

You will be curious if the wood floor can go with a blue vanity. Absolutely, it can. Just make sure their tunes harmonies well.

What Colour Wall With Navy Blue Vanity?

Consider white or light grey walls for a classic contrast or go bold with deep blue accents.


Lightning is always important for creating the right and appropriate ambiance. You must install an ambiance and task light on vanity so that you could get your things.

You can also add soft warm light with a mirror to give a luxurious vibe. Pendant lights always look luxurious; you can also add that.

Art work and Mats:

You can also add a navy blue pop up in your art work or in bath mats in front of vanity to praise each other, they can be plain or pattern mats.

Wrapping Up:

Don’t be confused by navy blue vanity, it’s calming and suffocated nature is a timeless colour for your bathroom. Its flexibility will help you choose from a range of styles whether you like more modern or retro looks.


1. What Colour Goes With Navy Blue Vanity?

Schemes of earth like tan or brown, white, light gray, gold and silver look promising with a navy blue vanity.

2. What Colour Tiles Goes With Navy Blue Vanity?

For a plain look a navy blue vanity looks incredible with white tiles. But for a stylish and cohesive look you could also take advantage of navy blue or blue-patterned tiles.

3. Is Blue A Good Colour For The Bathroom?

Yes,a lot of people select it for a spa-like sense because it can make the space feel calm and relaxed.The seashells and nautical theme result reasonably with it.

4. Is Navy Blue A Good Colour For Small Bathrooms?

Yes, navy blue can work well in small bathrooms especially when paired with light colours to create an open and inviting feel.

5. What Are Some Popular Countertop Choices For Navy Blue Vanities?

White marble, quartz and black granite are widespread countertop options that compliment navy blue vanities.

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