How To Fix Curtains That Are Too Long? Simple Fixes And Tips!

How to fix curtains that are too long

Oh you got longer curtains? Or you just shifted to a new apartment and your curtains are longer for the new window. They are expensive as you can’t invest in them again and again. Don’t worry, I will guide you on how to fix curtains that are too long for the window or door.

Is It Ok To Have Long Curtains?

In certain cases, yes, long curtains are acceptable. Curtains are considered proper length if they either rest on the floor or dangle an inch or so above it. Longer curtains are a great way to update your home with a sophisticated look. You may decorate them in creative ways to raise the ambience of the space.

Puddled Curtains

Puddled curtains

You can create a puddled curtain style. When curtains are released to fall to the floor, they create a puddle of fabric at the end of the floor. This style is attractive and compliment luxurious. It gives formal rooms a classy look. They can give a drama and richness when contrasted creatively with fabrics and hardware.

This style demands precise fabric length and room arrangement to match the overall appeal without becoming inconvenient or perilous.

Alternatives Of Sewing

There are various styling techniques for too long curtain hacks, allowing you to explore different ways to make them work beautifully for your space.

Tie-ups Or Bunching:

Tie-ups or Bunching

Add some flair to your drapes by tying them up or bunching them. Gather the curtain’s length using ribbons or fabric ties placed at suitable intervals. If you want your curtains to seem unique to your space, you can shorten them in such a way.

Fold The Rod Pocket

Fold the Rod Pocket

A rod pocket may be created by folding the fabric in half or by using a prior pocket. Straight or safety pins may be used to fasten the hem. Hem tape or stitching may be used. Put the rod through the opening in the folded cloth pocket.

You may hang the curtains normally, since this is a quick and easy way to have everything ready. If you have eyelid curtains and can’t fold it and are curious, can you wash curtains with metal rings or not?

Rod Adjustments:

To get the appropriate length, try raising the curtain rods before shortening them. Raising the curtain rod may let the curtains fall naturally to the desired length. This tweak might make curtains seem longer without any change. Changing the curtain rod positioning may give you the right length and aesthetic without reducing the curtains.

How To Fix Curtains That Are Too Long?

Creative Ways To Shorten Curtains

You can shorten the curtain in many ways to increase functionality. Here are simple method from which you can choose according to your preferences:

  1. Hemming by sewing
  2. Hemming with hand
  3. Hemming without sewing

Tools Needed:

  1. Ladder
  2. Pins
  3. Scissors
  4. Iron
  5. Measuring tape
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Thread

Hemming By Sewing

  1. Place curtains on the rod to determine their ideal length.
  2. Gently adjust the curtains so they hang evenly and straight down.
  3. Mark the fabric with a pin at the desired curtain length.
  4. Measure 5 inches below the pinned mark and fold the fabric inside. This creates a wide hem.
  5. Choose to either fold the extra fabric inside or trim it according to your preference.
  6. Iron along the fold to form a clear crease, removing any pins as you go.
  7. Now sew along the folded fabric.

Hemming By Hand:

Hemming by hand method is similar as above, you have to sew the folded fabric with thread and needle. This will give a more subtler look to your fabric. Slip stitching a hem will give you clean, finished edges that are almost unnoticeable.

Hemming Without Sewing

If you concern How to shorten curtains without cutting or sewing? We have 2 simple methods for you.

Method 1: Using Hemming Tape.
  1. After getting the proper length of the curtain.
  2. Fold the fabric and iron the crease
  3. Place fusible web or hem tape in it.
  4. Apply iron on the fold.
  5. Press iron over tape to secure in sections.
  6. Ensure full coverage of tape, avoiding direct contact with iron.
  7. Adhesive secures fabric sides for a durable hem.
Method 2: Using Clips:

Using clips

You can simply use clips at the top of the curtain by folding extra fabric, here are simple steps:

  1. Pick curtain clips with hooks or rings and an alligator clip at the bottom.For heavy fabrics, use heavy-duty clips specified to support the fabric weight.
  2. Preferably use 9 clips per panel for a luxurious appearance, adjusting for personal preference.
  3. Fold the top of the curtain to the desired length, ensuring the fold faces the back.
  4. Eliminate any tabs that might be visible through the fabric when illuminated.
  5. Space out 9 clips by placing one at each end, one in the middle, and evenly distributing the rest.
  6. Slide rings individually onto the rod.
  7. Place the last one outside the bracket to prevent excessive sliding when closing.

Tips For A Polished Look

  • Hang curtains at the proper height and width for aesthetics.
  • Curtain style and maintenance.
  • Check and adjust curtain hemlines to maintain panel equality. This makes you appear more professional.
  • Iron or steam drapes before hanging to remove wrinkles. A tidy and finished look results from this single procedure.
  • Consider thin curtains beneath heavier ones for elegance.

Ending Lines:

There are many do-it-yourself and expert methods available for how to fix curtains that are too long. Hanging curtains at the ideal length can enhance the aesthetic and functional value of a space.


1. How Can I Ensure The Measurements Are Accurate?

For precise curtain measurements:

  • A measuring tape ensures accurate measurements.
  • Double-check width and height.
  • Consider curtain fullness while estimating fabric width.
  • Measure many times before cutting cloth.
  • Include curtain hardware space in dimensions.
  • If lengthening, provide extra fabric for hemming.

2. Is It Ok If Curtains Do Not Touch Floors?

Yes, curtains not touching the floor can be okay. It’s a matter of personal preference and style whether they touch or have some clearance.

3. What Should You Do If The Curtains Are Not Long Enough?

If curtains are not long enough, consider purchasing longer ones or using creative solutions like adding fabric or trim at the bottom to extend their length.  A longer curtain always adds elegance to the space.

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