What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom? 13 Decorate the Gap

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

When you look at the space between two mirrors in your bathroom, think of it as a chance to add beauty and functionality. This small area can really change the feel of your bathroom. You can start by adding some lights. Hanging lights work great and they make the space bright and welcoming. Or, you might like to hang some artwork. It adds a personal touch.

Floating shelves are also a smart choice. They are functional and look good. You can use them for decorative items or bathroom essentials.

Plants or a vase can bring in some natural beauty. It makes the bathroom feel fresh and relaxing. There are so many options available, so you can be creative. Find the perfect fit for your bathroom’s design. This task might seem challenging at first. But, with a bit of thought, you can ease your dilemma and simplify your decision-making.

The goal is to make everything flow in harmony. Whether it’s the lavatory, sink, or mirror area, each element should work together. This way, your bathroom will not only look good but also be a relaxing space to enjoy.

Role Of Accessories In Enhancing The Bathroom’s Look

Role of Accessories in Enhancing the Bathroom's Look

Although often ignored in terms of interior design, bathrooms have tremendous potential for creativity and elegance. Putting mirrors in the right places and decorating them in the right way is a big part of achieving this balance, which shows how important it is to harmonize aesthetic allure and functionality in the lavatory.

More than mirrors, the symphony of a bathroom’s allure dances with accessories. Each choice, from soap dispensers to towel racks, orchestrates a harmonious composition.

13 Tips For What To Put Between Two Mirrors In Bathroom

Tips for what to put between two mirrors in bathroom

You can craft your space with flair, using these creative and inspiring ideas for a personalized touch.

1. Floating Shelves In Bathroom

Decorating with Floating shelves

If When you think about bathroom mirrors, adding floating shelves between them is a fantastic choice. These shelves are not just stylish but also very versatile. They give the area a modern and clean look. I found they offer much-needed additional storage and display space for all your bathroom essentials and decorative items. The best part about incorporating floating shelves is the numerous options you have to enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom. It’s amazing how such a simple addition can transform the space.

What to put on floating shelves in bathroom

  • Single Floating Shelf: A single floating shelf between your mirrors can make your bathroom look sleek and minimalist. You can install it to display decorative items like candles, framed photos, or small vases. It’s a simple way to use space well.
  • Multiple Floating Shelves: If you need more storage, try installing multiple floating shelves at different heights and lengths. This lets you showcase a variety of items like plants, books, or toiletries. It’s a smart way to use the space between mirrors.
  • Open Floating Shelves: Open floating shelves have no backing or sides. This choice makes your bathroom feel more airy and spacious. You can arrange your things in a visually appealing and organized manner.
  • Floating Shelf with Drawer: A floating shelf with a drawer adds more functionality. You can opt for one with integrated drawers for concealed storage space. It’s perfect for keeping bathroom essentials neatly tucked away.
  • Towels and Tissue Rolls: Adding towels and tissue rolls to your shelves can enhance your bathroom’s luxury and practicality. Keep them neatly folded for a tidy and accessible storage solution. A tissue paper holder is also a practical and decorative addition. It makes tissues easy to reach and uses space well.
  • Jars and containers: You can put stylish jars in them and fill them with bath salts, soap, cotton swabs, and mini toiletries to create a spa-like atmosphere.  Use containers for scented sachets, cotton balls, and hair ties.
    You can add decorated sea-shells or colorful marbles in jars.
  • Candles:Look for some scented and calming candles.  Various options are present in local market and online market, select according to your preference. This will greatly enhance your relaxation and ambiance.
    Choose candles mindfully: quality ingredients, burn time, and materials. Follow safety guidelines. Consider flameless or LED for safety and longevity.

2. Plants or Greenery

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

Embellishing your bathroom with plants or greenery is a great idea. You can use floating shelves to hold small indoor plants. This adds a simple yet stylish touch. Plants make the space between two mirrors look better. You can also try adding a vase with fresh flowers or an ornamental plant. This brings natural beauty and a touch of greenery.

Bathroom-friendly plants are best because they need minimal maintenance. They can withstand humidity well. This means they bring the benefits of greenery without much upkeep. The combination of plants, vases, and mirrors makes your bathroom look visually pleasing. It gives a personalized aesthetic. You can customize your bathroom oasis to match your decor style and preferences.

Bringing in plants or greenery creates a calming and refreshing atmosphere. Plants can purify the air and give a sense of tranquility. There are many ideas for using plants or greenery in your bathroom. This simple change can make a big difference in how your bathroom feels and looks.

  • Hanging plants: A great idea is to install hooks or planters between the mirrors. You can choose trailing or air plants. They add a nice vertical dimension and visual interest. This way, you utilize the space between the mirrors effectively.
  • Potted plants: You can place potted plants of varying sizes on a shelf or countertop between the mirrors. Pick plants that thrive in the bathroom environment, like ferns, orchids, or snake plants. These plants are good because they can withstand the higher humidity levels that are typically found in bathrooms.
  • Wall-mounted planters: Another cool idea is to install wall-mounted planters or green walls between the mirrors. This helps you create a living wall. You can incorporate a variety of plants in a vertical arrangement. It looks like a stunning backdrop to the mirrors.
  • Succulent garden: You could also create a mini succulent garden between the mirrors. Just arrange different types of succulent plants in a decorative tray or planter. Succulents are low-maintenance and add a unique texture and visual appeal to the space.

When selecting plants for your bathroom, think about the lighting conditions. Some plants need a lot of light, while others do well with less. Ensure they get enough sunlight or artificial light from sources like lamps. Also, be mindful of the moisture levels. Some plants do fine with less frequent waterings, thanks to the humidity in the bathroom.

Incorporating greenery between your mirrors can bring life and freshness to the space. This makes your bathroom feel more tranquil and rejuvenating. It’s all about creating a nice ambiance where you can relax.

3. Tile or Mosaic Design

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

Adding a decorative tile panel between two mirrors can really change the look of your bathroom. You can choose from various styles and designs to make a custom look that fits your bathroom decor. Tile panels add beauty and sophistication, making a beautiful focal point. When you install these panels, they create a compelling reflecting illusion that expands the space and makes it feel larger.

If you’re after a striking and unique look, think about incorporating a tile or mosaic design. This option lets you add color, pattern, and texture, making a visually appealing focal point. Here are some ideas:

  • Tile Backsplash: Install a tile backsplash to add a pop of color and visual interest. Use tiles in different shapes, sizes, and colors to get a mosaic-like pattern or a uniform design for a more contemporary look. It will be a beautiful accent that adds personality to the space.
  • Mosaic Artwork: Create a stunning mosaic artwork to hang between the mirrors. Mix materials like glass tiles, pebbles, or ceramic pieces to make a unique design. Whether it’s an abstract pattern or a depiction of nature, it will stand out as a centerpiece.
  • Contrasting Borders: Use tiles to make contrasting borders around each mirror. This adds elegance and definition. Pick tiles that go with the color scheme of your bathroom and the design of the mirrors. This will enhance the beauty of the mirrors and make everything look cohesive and visually appealing.

When you’re choosing tile or mosaic designs, think about the overall theme and style of your bathroom. Coordinate the colors and patterns with what’s already there to get a harmonious and cohesive look. Also, make sure the tiles or mosaic materials are okay for wet environments and can handle the humidity and moisture in a bathroom.

Using tile or mosaic design between bathroom mirrors adds a captivating element. It can turn your bathroom into a personalized and artistic space.

4. Bath shower 

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

Placing a bath shower between two mirrors in your bathroom can change the whole feel of the room. Imagine stepping into a space where every detail works together to create a spa-like ambiance. The reflection from the mirrors makes the bathroom look bigger and adds a touch of luxury and elegance. This setup is not just about looks; it’s highly functional too. A bath shower that’s centrally positioned means you can get to it from both sides, making it super accessible and convenient.

This setup is great for those who love a good bathing experience but don’t want to lose out on space. The mirrors on either side of the shower make the bathroom feel more open and less cramped. And because the shower is right in the middle, you won’t have to worry about compromising on comfort. It’s all about maximizing what you have without making the bathroom feel too busy or cluttered.

Adding a bath shower between two mirrors is a smart way to transform your bathroom into a private retreat. It’s all about the optimal use of space, functionality, and creating a decorative touch that makes every day feel a bit more special. Whether you’re starting your morning or winding down after a long day, this setup turns your bathroom into a place where you can truly relax and rejuvenate.

5. Play With Lights

Play with lights

Bathroom lighting is a crucial part of the decor. Ensure that the space is decently illuminated, utilizing a blend of natural and artificial light to foster a vibrant and welcoming vibe.

You can add lights between two mirrors in the bathroom; this will create a visually striking effect. Use ambiance and task lighting to increase functionality.

  • Hollywood Vanity Lights: Install Hollywood-style vanity lights around the perimeter of each mirror. These bulbs emit a soft, flattering light and add a touch of glamour.
  • Sconces or Wall-Mounted Lights: Mount decorative wall sconces on either side of each mirror. This not only adds functional lighting but also serves as a design element.
  • Cove Lighting: Install cove lighting above the mirrors. This kind of lighting is elegant in its subtle glow that it casts.
  • Mirror mosaic with lights: Create a mosaic of small mirrors on the wall between the two main mirrors, and embed small LED lights within the mosaic for a unique and artistic effect.
  • Additionally, ensure that the lighting is practical for you when doing tasks such as grooming, also creating a pleasant atmosphere in the space.
  • Hanging lights: Adding hanging lights between two mirrors in your bathroom can change how the whole space looks and feels. These lights bring elegance and sophistication, making the bathroom not just a room but a focal point in your home. Whether you go for sleek and modern styles or something more ornate and traditional, these lights create a trendy design statement. They don’t just enhance the illumination; they also make it warm and inviting. The light they give off is balanced, which reduces shadows and makes everything look better.
  • Switches and light fixtures: Switches and light fixtures also play a big part in this setup. They are functional and decorative, giving you control over the lighting while adding style to the area. The combination of these fixtures with the mirrors improves both the looks and functioning of your bathroom. It’s all about making the space work for you in the best way possible, turning a simple act of lighting into something that elevates the overall appearance of your bathroom.

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6. Backlighting

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

Adding backlighting between two mirrors in your bathroom can create a dramatic and visually stunning effect. This technique involves the placement of lights behind the mirrors, casting a soft, radiant glow that transforms the whole space.

  • LED Light Strips: LED light strips are a great option. You can install these LED strips along the edges or behind the mirrors for a subtle and futuristic look. With various colors to choose from, you can match the hue to your bathroom’s ambiance or decor. The soft glow adds depth and dimension to the space.
  • Spotlights: Consider spotlights. Installspotlights behind the mirrors, aimed towards the center or edges, for a more dramatic and focused lighting effect. Adjustable spotlights can highlight specific areas or objects, like artwork or decorative items, adding sophistication and elegance.
  • Backlit Mirrors: Another great option is backlit mirrors. You might replace your existing mirrors with backlit ones, which have built-in LED lighting behind the reflective surface. This provides a soft, even illumination that enhances the functionality of the mirrors and brings an ethereal, modern ambiance to your bathroom.

When incorporating backlighting, it’s important to think about both functionality and aesthetics. Make sure the placement and intensity of the lights provide sufficient illumination while creating the desired visual impact. Choosing energy-efficient lighting options can also help save on electricity consumption. This kind of lighting can turn your bathroom into a luxurious, inviting oasis, with a stunning, mesmerizing effect that makes every visit a pleasure.

7. Random Accessories To Fill Up Space:

Random accessories to fill up space

Random accessories can be a fun and creative way to personalize your space. Here are some ideas for random accessories that can be helpful:

  • Decorative Vases: If you already have good lighting and storage, you can go for decorative vases on the shelf and fill them with fresh flowers or artificial arrangements. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and materials for vases for an eclectic look.
  • Towel stand: Putting a towel stand between two mirrors in your bathroom is a smart move. It’s not just practical; it looks good too. This stylish solution helps optimize the limited space you have. You won’t have to give up on functionality or style. The towel stand lets your towels quick-dry and shows off your decor theme.
    It’s a decorative addition that brings style to the area. You can find towel stands in various styles, materials, and finishes. This means you can really make the bathroom your own. You get to personalize it and enhance the visual appeal to match your taste. And because it’s within easy reach, grabbing a towel is a breeze.
  • Trays and Bowls: Enhance the space with decorative trays and bowls. Select trays adorned with interesting patterns or textures to infuse a touch of design into the space.  You can put various items, such as toiletries or candles, soaps, grooming kits, decorative stones, or essential oils.
  • Clock: Putting a clock between two mirrors in your bathroom is a smart idea. A wall clock that matches your existing décor can be both charming and useful. Choose a design or pattern that stands out. This way, the clock becomes a focal point and adds a cohesive style to your bathroom. It’s not just about knowing the schedule; it’s about adding a decorative touch to that space. A clock in the bathroom shows your personality and a good sense of style.
  • Soap dispenser: A soap dispenser is another great choice. When you put one between mirrors, it’s easy to access and makes your bathroom decor look better. It adds convenience and cleanliness to your routine. Using a soap dispenser helps keep things clean and sophisticated. It’s good for a hygienic environment because it encourages regular handwashing. This helps minimize the risk of cross-contamination. Plus, a soap dispenser makes the bathroom look clean and streamlined without cluttering the countertops.

8. Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

Go for this option If you have a smaller bathroom, then place the bathroom cabinet between mirrors. This space definitely needs a storage cabinet. It will maintain sink serenity and aesthetic harmony while effortlessly helping you manage clutter and giving you an organized look.

The search for an ideal cabinet is deeply linked to considerations of storage, mirror aesthetics, and space dynamics. Your selected cabinet must harmonize the current aesthetic with practicality.

Aspirational cabinet spaces are in which the ability of organization is found. This will transform your space from chaos into a clean and sophisticated panorama.  A tidy countertop is like a blank canvas for a beautiful bathroom melody.

  • Medicine Cabinet: In your bathroom, placing a medicine cabinet between two mirrors is smart. This setup offers additional space for bathroom essentials like toiletries and medications. With this, you get easy accessibility. You won’t have to keep searching for your essential items. Most medicine cabinets have drawers and shelves.
    This means everything stays organized. You also get concealed storage, so your space looks tidy. Some cabinets come with adjustable shelves, making it easier to fit items of different sizes. This way, you’re maintaining a minimalist aesthetic in your bathroom. It’s all about making the most of your space and keeping things within reach without clutter.

9. Artwork or Decorative Pieces

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

For your bathroom, putting artwork or decorative pieces between two mirrors is a great idea. This can make the space look better and show off your style. You can use 2 or 3-frame sets to create a nice display. This adds to the aesthetic and makes a focal point in your bathroom. You have many various styles to pick from, like abstract prints or vintage posters.

Using both mirrors and artwork together can make it seem like there is more space. This combination enhances the look of the room’s dimensions. It is ideal for smaller bathrooms because it creates an illusion of space. By incorporating these items, you add your personality and artistic flair to the display. It becomes a personalized display that reflects who you are. This way, your bathroom looks unique and stylish.

  • Framed Artwork: Adding framed artwork or prints between two mirrors in a bathroom can create a gallery-like display. This choice can accentuate the overall theme of your bathroom and set a certain mood. Whether you choose abstract paintings, vintage photography, or botanical prints, there are many options to explore.
  • Decorative Mirrors: Using decorative mirrors of different shapes and sizes fills the space between your bathroom mirrors These mirrors can have unique frames, intricate designs, or beveled edges. They add visual interest, reflect light, and make the arrangement dynamic and visually appealing.
  • Wall Sculptures: Wall sculptures or three-dimensional art pieces between the mirrors create a captivating focal point. You can choose materials like metal, wood, or ceramic. Pick designs that match the overall style of your bathroom. Wall sculptures bring depth and texture to the space.
  • Shelving for Decor: Installing floating shelves or wall-mounted shelves allows you to display decorative items like ceramic vases, figurines, or natural elements such as seashells or driftwood. This setup makes your bathroom look visually appealing and offers a personalized arrangement.

When you think about incorporating artwork or decorative pieces between two mirrors in your bathroom, it’s important to consider the scale and proportion of these items. They should fit the space well, creating a harmonious and balanced composition. You can arrange them in many ways to see what looks best. Experiment with arrangements, and don’t be scared to mix and match different elements. This is a great way to express your creativity.

Adding these items between your bathroom mirrors can transform the area into a curated and visually pleasing display. It showcases your unique style and interests. Think about how each piece adds to the look of your bathroom. Your choices here make the space between the mirrors special and personal.

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10. Adhesive Materials

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

Using adhesive materials is a smart way to enhance the space between bathroom mirrors. These materials add texture, color, and visual interest.

  • Peel and Stick Tiles: Peel and Stick Tiles make for a stylish backsplash effect. They are easy to install and come in various patterns and colors. This lets you pick a design that fits your bathroom aesthetic perfectly.
  • Window Film: Window Film adds privacy and elegance. With decorative adhesive films in frosted patterns or stained glass imitations, you can customize the look and feel of your bathroom.
  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper offers a chance to create a unique backdrop. Adhesive wallpaper has countless designs, patterns, and textures for a customized look that shows your personal style.

It’s important to choose adhesive materials that are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Bathrooms can get humid, so materials need to be suitable for bathroom use to avoid any issues. By selecting the right materials, you can transform the space between your bathroom mirrors into a focal point. This adds personality and charm to your overall design, making your bathroom stand out.

11. Spacer Options

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

Using spacer options can add depth and dimension between your bathroom mirrors. This makes the view visually interesting and gives a unique look.

  • Mirror Clips: Mirror Clips are a simple way to add space between mirrors. These clips can be made of metal or plastic and help hold mirrors with a gap. You can find Mirror Clips in styles like chrome, brass, or with decorative designs. This helps match your bathroom decor.
  • Mirror Molding: Mirror Molding, or mirror rosettes and corner blocks, between bathroom mirrors serve as decorative accents. They go in the corners and create a beautiful border. This adds depth to the overall design.
  • Wooden Spacers: For a rustic or natural look, Wooden Spacers are great. These spacers are made from solid wood and can be stained or painted to fit your color scheme. Wooden Spacers bring a warm, organic touch to the space between your bathroom mirrors.

When picking spacer options, think about your bathroom’s style and theme. You also want to consider the visual impact you’re aiming for. The right spacer options can transform your mirrors into a cohesive and visually appealing focal point in the room.

12. Glass Shelves

What to Put Between Two Mirrors in Bathroom

If Adding glass shelves between two bathroom mirrors combines functionality and style. These shelves offer additional storage space while keeping the look clean and modern aesthetic.

  • Single Glass Shelf: A Single Glass Shelf between the mirrors is perfect for decorative items like candles, small plants, or perfume bottles. This minimalist approach uses space wisely and adds elegance.
  • Multiple Floating Shelves: Multiple Floating Shelves at different heights between the bathroom mirrors let you show off more decorative items. This creates an eye-catching display. The floating design makes the area look contemporary and gives an airy feel.
  • Corner Glass Shelves: Corner Glass Shelves make good use of space efficiency between mirrors. They’re great for small plants, toiletries, or decorative knick-knacks in a visually pleasing arrangement.

Choose shelves made of high-quality, tempered glass for durability and safety. Make sure the size and weight capacity of the shelves can accommodate your items. Glass shelves between bathroom mirrors not only add functionality but also style, allowing you to showcase decorative items in an organized and visually appealing way.

13. Avoiding Overdoing It: Can You Have Too Many Mirrors In A Bathroom?

Avoiding Overdoing It Can you have too many mirrors in a bathroom

Although mirrors can be extremely helpful in creating the illusion of more space, it is essential to maintain an even ratio. An excess of mirrors can cause a feeling of confusion. When selecting the number of mirrors, take into account the dimensions and composition of the bathroom.

Can you put two mirrors in a bathroom? Yes, placing two mirrors in a bathroom is very common. It enhances aesthetics, adds functionality and creates an illusion of more space.

Note: Avoid placing one horizontal mirror if you have two basins. This would be counter to aesthetics.


Following these tips and ideas, you can make your bathroom meet your functional needs while adding style and relaxation. The psychological benefits of a designed and decorated space improve your mood and well-being. Placing items between two mirrors can enhance the look and feel of the bathroom, adding functionality, visual interest, and a focal point. There are many options to consider, from adhesive materials and spacers to glass shelves, floating shelves, tile or mosaic designs, backlighting, artwork, or plants.

Using peel and stick tiles, window films, or wallpapers adds texture and color. Mirror clips, mirror moldings, or wooden spacers introduce depth and visual appeal. Glass shelves and floating shelves provide storage and display space. For an artistic touch, tile or mosaic designs bring a pop of color and create a captivating focal point. Backlighting adds a mesmerizing effect with a radiant glow.

Incorporating artwork or decorative pieces offers personalization and artistic flair, while plants or greenery contribute to a fresh and calming atmosphere. Choose options that reflect your style, preferences, and the theme of your bathroom. Let your creativity, personality, and taste shine through in the space between your mirrors, transforming it into something truly special.


1. How Do I Protect My Bathroom Mirror?

Protect your bathroom mirror by avoiding abrasive cleaners, using a gentle glass cleaner, and wiping with a soft cloth or newspaper.

2. What Do You Put On Either Side Of A Mirror?

Flank a mirror with wall sconces, decorative frames, or symmetrical decor items to create a balanced and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

3. What Are Some Budget-friendly Decor Ideas For Small Bathrooms?

Opt for DIY projects, thrifted finds, or repurpose existing items to create a stylish look without breaking the bank.

4. Are There Specific Styles Of Mirrors That Suit Modern Bathrooms?

Yes, modern bathrooms often embrace sleek and minimalistic mirror designs. Consider geometric shapes or frameless mirrors for a contemporary touch.

5. What Do You Put Between Two Vanity Mirrors?

In the space between two double vanity mirrors, you can put a wall hanging, built-in drawers, or even a third mirror. These mirrors might have the same shape and size, or they could be complementary with “his” and “hers” designs. This setup makes your bathroom look great and very useful.

6. Can You Put Two Mirrors In A Bathroom?

Yes, you can put a pair of mirrors in a bathroom. Installing these mirrors over double sinks or a long bathroom vanity with just one sink works well. Using two mirrors of the same style or design encourages symmetry. But, for a playful touch, you might choose a mix-and-match design. This approach adds fun and personality to the space.

7. Can You Hang Two Mirrors Next To Each Other?

In my own bathroom, I decided to hang two curved mirrors side by side. This trend from 2023 really caught my eye. The shape of the mirrors was perfect for softening the look of my angular bath designs. By placing them together, they worked cohesively to create a stunning design focal point. It felt like I was bringing a piece of art into my space, transforming the whole vibe of the bathroom.

8. What To Do With Extra Space Between Bathroom Vanity And Wall?

In my bathroom, I found a gap between the vanity and the side wall. I thought hard about how to use this space. Then, it hit me! Installing shelving was the perfect solution. It looked great and was very useful. For bigger gaps, a side cabinet might work better. This idea made my bathroom more organized and stylish.

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