How To Decorate A Hutch In The Living Room? Expert Tips!!

how to decorate a hutch in the living room

You know the difficulty that arises when you own a hutch. When you fail to arrange or decorate, it looks dumb or out of context in your living room. You want to sale it?  No!! don’t be afraid, I’m going to talk about some new and different patterns on how to decorate a hutch in the living room that you have not seen before anywhere.

Let’s get started right away and make that hutch into a stylish piece of furniture that stands out in your space.

Decorate A Hutch In The Living Room

Decorate a hutch in the living room

The first things you have to do are:

Sizes And Shapes:

Sizes and shapes

When you showcase a hutch the very first thing that should be assessed is its dimensions and shape. Make sure that it is the right size for your living room as it should not be too big but it also should not be too small.

If it is small you should think about positioning it against a prominent wall so that it can really stand out and shine. Or you can install legs at bottom to give it a little height, this will give a rich look.

They can be of different shapes, don’t hesitate to update them.



The color of your hutch really matters as it has an impact on overall appearance. Don’t let the color force you to get a new one and sell this one.

It may be dramatically transformed with a new coat of paint. Get lighter tones to match a bright and airy theme or go for sleek black for a touch of sophistication. Like if you have a gray sofa in your living room with lighter tones go for a sleek black hutch. You can even use a combination of two colors for a unique look.

Dress-up Inner Walls:

Dress-up Inner walls

You can paint the inside walls of your hutch to make the interior look better. To add depth and an artistic touch you can use lighter paint, wallpaper of flowers or shapes or even mirrors. By this hutch will look spacious.

To Door Or Not To Door:

To Door or Not to Door

The doors on your hutch can be optional. You can get rid of the doors, if you want an open and airy look of the hutch in the living room. This will make the living room feel bigger but it also lets you show off your decor items more prominently.

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Define Its Purpose

What should I display in hutch? Guess about what you desire to do first? For dining wares, for decorating items or for storage. Style it accordingly.

How To Style A Hutch?

How to style a hutch

The hutch is fixed up so it’s time to add the finishing touches by accessorize. The top of hutch is for bigger items, fill it by decorating ideas to mix materials, play with heights of objects, textures, create levels with stacked books, or align books vertically.

Here are some great ideas for decorating a hutch:

Here are some great ideas for decorating a hutch

  1. Book: Books are versatile decor items that can add character to your hutch. To get creative glimpse align them horizontally or vertically.
  2. Vases: Your hutch may be brought to life by adding some decorative vases that are loaded with flowers or foliage.
  3. Vintage clock: Your living area could gain from the addition of an antique and vintage clock on hutch which may provide both an air of past and an aura of elegance.
  4. Frames: Enrich your hutch by placing some of your favorite photographs or pieces of artwork in frames and displaying them there.
  5. Small decoration pieces: Think about putting in some miniature sculptures, figurines or other decorative pieces that are associated with your style.
    Dining wares
  6. Plants: Include some greenery in your interior design to feel more connected to the outdoors in your living area.
  7. Candles: A cozy and inviting ambiance may be produced by using candles. Put them where you think will look best on your hutch.
  8. Baskets: Not only are baskets lovely to look at but they also provide a hidden place to store a variety of objects.
  9. Standing calligraphy: If you have an aptitude for the arts you can give your hutch a special feel by decorating it with some calligraphy or typographic art.
  10. Dining wares: If your hutch is designed to store dining items, arrange your plates, bowls, and glasses in an orderly fashion to make an attractive display that is also well-organized.

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Methodology Of Placing Things In Hutch:

Methodology of placing things in hutch

When it comes to arranging things on your hutch consider the triangle rule, position the items so that they form a triangle.

Your hutch might need some more balance and charm and this triangle structure may equip both. This will give a very creative first look of hutch that you know how to cater things in decor.

Counter Hutch:

Counter hutch

If you have a counter hutch? Don’t think it’s outdated. You can definitely consider to upgrading it. It can be a bar, tea and coffee station or even a spot for your microwave. You can also decorate it with frames and other odd things.

Make sure you use two contrasting colors for your counter hutch this will add elegance and sophistication.

How To Decorate A Hutch With Glass Doors?

How to deacorate a hutch with glass doors

Decorating a hutch with glass doors can be both appealing and practical. Use frames, pots, books, plants and boxes/baskets to decorate if you want to hide storage.

Decorating A Hutch Farmhouse Style

For a cozy and rustic feel, embrace the farmhouse style when decorating your hutch. Use warm, earthy tones and natural textures to achieve this look.

Should I Follow A Specific Style When Decorating My Hutch?

Yes, you should and align our overall living room in the same style to complement each other. Whether you prefer a modern, vintage, or farmhouse style, the key is to maintain consistency and personal expression in your decor choices.

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Tips to-do:

  1. Clean and prep the hutch.
  2. Place framed art or family photos at the back of the hutch to add a personal touch.
  3. Arrange books either vertically or horizontally to vary the height of the display. This can break up the visual monotony and add a touch of sophistication. Use bookends.
  4. Arrange items in sequence in the shelves of hutch.
  5. Consider adding LED strip lights inside the hutch.
  6. Keep switching things seasonally.
  7. After arranging everything, step back and evaluate the hutch’s overall look, make adjustments after evaluating it.


To make your hutch look attractive in your living room is very tricky and creative. You can transform your hutch that complements your living space perfectly. Whether style you prefer make your hutch a worthy piece.

People Also Ask:

1. How Do You Arrange Items In A Hutch?

Arranging items in a hutch is an art. You can follow the triangle rule for a balanced display, and make sure to vary heights and textures for visual interest.

2. What Should I Display In A Hutch?

You can display dining wares, decorative items, books, candles, baskets etc. Choose items that reflect your style and most importantly theme of your living room.

3. How Do I Decorate My Hutch In A Dining Room?

Yes, you can decorate in dining room by displaying your finest dining wares such as china, glassware and serving dishes. Arrange them neatly for an elegant and organized look.

4. Can I Make My Hutch A Bar?

Yes, you can use a counter hutch as a bar. It’s a stylish way to showcase your drinkware and create a dedicated space for beverages.

5. Can I Use My Existing Hutch For Decorating, Or Do I Need To Buy A New One?

You can absolutely use your existing hutch for decorating just ensure it’s your style and is in good condition.

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