How To Decorate A Long Rectangular Bedroom? From Drab To Fab!

How to decorate a long Rectangular Bedroom

How to decorate a long and rectangular bedroom comes with its specific challenges due to its shape.The layout can be planned carefully, though, and creative design techniques can be used to turn this space into a comfy and beautiful asylum.Maximizing the available space, utilizing natural light to its fullest, and adding personal touches can all contribute to making this room an inviting and cozy haven.

Assessing Space and Functionality

Analyzing the Layout and Dimensions

Analyzing the Layout and Dimensions

Be familiar with the size and arrangement of your large rectangular bedroom before you begin decorating it. Take precise measurements of the space, making note of its length, breadth, and any unusual features that might influence the final layout.

Decide Functional Zones

Let the space serve its purpose to the fullest, divide it into many zones. Create separate but appropriate spaces for resting, working space(if relevant), sleeping and seating or wardrobe.

Design Tips For Long Rectangular Bedrooms

Paint Layout on Walls

Paint Layout on walls

You have to be tricky with wall paints , here is quick guide for long rectangular bedroom:

Lighter Tones and Pastels:

If you want your bedroom to seem larger, try painting the walls a lighter tone or a pastel color. By giving the impression of greater space and light, these hues make any area seem cozier and more welcoming.

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Darker tunes on all walls and ceiling:

Darker tunes on all walls and ceiling

This will make your room look smaller and compressed.

Vertical Stripes on Accent Walls:

Vertical Stripes on Accent Walls

Long, unbroken walls may be made more interesting by adding vertical stripes or accent walls. By breaking up the visible length of the space and drawing the eye upward, vertical stripes create the illusion of height.

To add dimension and personality to a room, try painting an accent wall a stripes of contrasting color or using a textured finish.

Darker Colors on Horizontal Long Walls: Darker Colors on Horizontal Long Walls

Try out several shades of dark on the long, horizontal walls.This method may visually change how wide a space seems, which in turn makes it seem more balanced and interesting.

Wall Sections:

Wall Sections

Imagine painting the top wall a different color and separating the walls in half.By placing the deeper shade in the middle of the lighter ones, this technique gives the impression of a more expansive space.

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Circular Patterns in White or Cream Paint:

Circular Patterns in White or Cream Paint

For an artistic touch, experiment with darker circular patterns painted in white or cream on the walls.You may add a touch of whimsy or refinement to your bedroom décor with this innovative use of patterns. It’s a distinctive and visually dynamic accent.

Paint the ceiling:

Paint the ceiling

You can also paint the ceiling; this will create a shorter effect of the room.

Curtain Colors Selection:

Curtain colors selection

Darker curtains might enhance a rectangle bedroom’s window along the longer wall. If the window is on a shorter wall, use lighter curtains.

Curtain colors selection (2)

Based on window location, contrasting curtains may make the room cozier or larger, depending on orientation.

Right Rug Placement

Right Rug Placement

Round rugs are excellent additions to square or rectangular rooms as they help soften the sharp edges and bring a sense of fluidity to the space. However, don’t hesitate to utilize round rugs in unexpected areas such as wide foyers or kitchens. Doing so can create intriguing visual interest, adding an element of uniqueness to these unconventional spaces.

Bed Placement Strategies

Diagonal Arrangement

You can play with different arrangements of the room.Putting furniture in a room in a way that makes it look shorter can help.

Diagonal Arrangement:

Try diagonally arranging the bed to break up the length and provide visual interest. Use storage ottomans or foldable couches to optimize space. This strategy is useful and makes the area seem bigger and more orderly by eliminating congestion.

Placing the Bed Along Shorter Walls:

Optimal bed arrangement along shorter walls helps reduce the room’s length. This arrangement impacts the visual flow and eliminates the tunnel effect, producing a cozier feel. It also optimizes space use, leaving more room for other furniture and activities and creating a more appealing arrangement.

TV placement

If your bedroom is rectangular, you should put the TV across from the bed or the main sitting area. While keeping a pleasant visual link between the TV and the sitting area or bed, this location guarantees ideal viewing angles and makes it easy for leisure or entertainment reasons.

Wardrobe Adjustment

Wardrobe adjustment

Placing the wardrobe along the shorter wall or spanning half of the longer wall in a rectangular bedroom can both be viable options. It depends on the room layout, the available space, and your preferences.

Installing the wardrobe along the shorter wall might conserve floor space and maintain a more open feel, while positioning it along a portion of the longer wall can provide additional storage without dominating the room’s visual space. Consider the room dimensions and desired functionality when deciding the wardrobe placement.

Seating Arrangement

Seating can be positioned either at the beginning of a rectangular room or near the window, depending on the room’s layout and your preferences.

Both placements have their advantages. Placing seating at the start of the room can create a defined living area, while positioning it near the window offers a scenic view and natural light for a cozy seating arrangement.

Ultimately, the choice depends on the room’s design and your desired atmosphere.

Leveraging Mirrors

Reflecting Light with Mirrors for a Spacious Feel:

Reflecting Light with Mirrors for a Spacious Feel

Place mirrors strategically to reflect natural light and extend the room. Place mirrors opposite windows to enhance natural light reflection, brightening and airing the room. This method makes the space seem larger and more welcoming.

Creating Depth and Breaking Linearity:

Creating Depth and Breaking Linearity

Mirrors strategically placed in the room may provide the sense of more space. Use large mirrors or reflected furniture to provide depth and visual intrigue. These reflected components disrupt the room’s straight arrangement, creating depth and liveliness.

Uncluttered Floor

Uncluttered Floor

The key to making a space seem more open and airy is to keep the floor clear of any debris. You may create the illusion of greater space by clearing the floor of any extraneous objects or furniture that could be in the way.

This method creates an environment of calm and promotes a sense of liberation in the space.

Lighting for a Brighter Atmosphere

Lighting for a Brighter Atmosphere

Room appeal may be added by properly arranging lighting fixtures. Ambient, task, and accent lighting create a multi-layered environment that adds depth and character to the room.

Combining ambient lighting for general illumination, task lighting for reading or working, and accent lighting to highlight architectural aspects is recommended. This blend of lighting styles highlights various sections and creates a warm, practical environment.

Embracing Minimalist Furniture Designs

Choose sleek, versatile furniture that’s both functional and stylish. Minimalist furniture designs improve functionality without taking up too much room and look cleaner. Choosing furniture with storage or multiple functions may help keep things tidy.


In conclusion, creating a large rectangular bedroom requires careful balance between form and function. You will be less concerned about how to decorate a long rectangular bedroom. Optimizing with these tips can transform décor which will turn a dull area into a cozy sanctuary that expresses personal style and comfort.


1. Can Dark Colors Be Used In A Long Rectangular Bedroom?

While lighter tones generally help in visually expanding the space, strategic use of darker hues as accent walls can add depth and character.

2. How Can I Create A Cozy Atmosphere In A Spacious Bedroom?

Utilize area rugs, layered lighting, and plush textiles to create zones and add warmth to the room.

3. Can I Use Multiple Mirrors In A Long Rectangular Bedroom?

Yes, strategically placing mirrors can amplify natural light and create an illusion of expanded space, but avoid overusing them to prevent a cluttered appearance.

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