Recliners Assembly [Do They Come Apart?]

Do all recliners come apart

Your first thought is always, “Do all recliners come apart?” whenever you try to move your recliner or squeeze it through the door frame. It can be very stressful to move a large structure, especially by yourself. Here are several tips that can help you, like disassembling a recliner.

I’ll attempt to respond to this query in this post and provide a few suggestions and guidance on disassembling various kinds of recliners.

Advantages of a recliner

Super chairs and armchairs are other names for the recliners. Even before the Napoleonic era, people would use recliners. Although recliners provide numerous health benefits, some people believe this is just marketing hype. To determine whether or not recliners are healthy for you, let’s look at some of their health advantages.

Reduce Stress

People are performing less physical labor in their offices as a result of the technological and machine revolution. In the office; individuals are under a lot of stress. Physical and mental strain can come about because of spend an entire working day seated in a chair. Sitting at a 90-degree angle for expanded periods can strain your muscles and cause back torment. Recliners serve as a stress and pain relief. Our chairs have recliners that let you lean back and get more support. There are recliner chairs with heating and massaging capabilities.

Enhances Blood Flow

Prolonged sitting and standing in one spot can prevent blood flow from continuously occurring. The environment’s gravity affects blood flow and concentrates in the lower body, causing veins to enlarge and become clogged. Regular use of recliners promotes better blood circulation and reduces lower body pain.

Do All Recliners Come Apart?

Yes, the majority of recliners come apart. The majority of reclining couches arrive completely disassembled, and connecting modules are required to assemble all of the sections. Certain reclining couches have pieces that slide. For example, an armrest and seat slide over one another and lock into place.

Way to Disassemble Recliner Parts

There are various methods for assembling and disassembling a recliner, depending on the design and manufacturing process. See this tutorial if you wish to disassemble a recliner sofa. You can disassemble the recliner and reassemble it with the help of these instructions.

1. Examine the assembly instructions

Go over the owner’s manual for your recliner carefully. You can look up the assembly manual online as well, depending on whether it was shipped fully or partially constructed. The type of hardware and connectors your recliner employs can be found in installation instructions tailored to your particular product. It will assist you in arranging the tools appropriately.

2. Recognize the Mechanism of the Recliner

A recliner is composed of four basic parts: the armrest, footrest, backrest, and casing. Usually, these components—called sliders—come in pairs. A slider for the left side and one for the right are composed of two components each. The steps to disassemble a recliner are as follows:

3. Turn off the electricity

Before starting the dismantling process, unplug the power recliner, if you possess one.

4. Take out the Base Bars

Base bars are used to secure the sliders in the majority of recliners. These are the levers that hold the recliner’s major components together; they are fastened into the base. To remove these bars, a screwdriver is required. Turn your chair over so you can see where the screws are.

Certain recliners have a cloth covering fastened to the bottom and back. Strong Velcro panels hold it fast to the sofa. To access all the removable screws and levers, remove them. Make sure you have a support structure in place to hold the falling sliders before you remove the last lever.

5. Take the Footrests and Armrests Off

After disassembling the slider, it’s time to take out the footrest, leg rest, and armrest. To view the hardware binding these components together, tilt or turn the slider. As soon as you can reach every piece of hardware, begin taking the screws out. Most of the time, a flathead screwdriver will work just well.

If the footrest is movable, pull it out to see the hinges holding it in place. Release the nuts and screws securing components such as consoles, spring seats, supporting cushions, etc.

6. Take out the Backrest

The most difficult step in the procedure is this. Adjust the recliner’s tilt to reveal its back. The base of the sofa should be pointing upward when the upholstery is raised and kept in place. You will be able to reach the inner panel directly with it. Certain recliners have independent back panels that must be taken out first.

Depending on the kind of hardware securing the back panels to the chair, you will require different tools. Big screws or snaps may be involved. Using locking levers, the recliner’s backrest is fastened to the seat. These levers will become visible once the cloth that is fastened through Velcro panels at the bottom and rear is removed. All you have to do is lift the lever upward to separate the backrest from the seat.

Advice before disassembling your recliner  

Avoid entering blindly and beginning to disassemble your recliner right away. The following instructions must be followed to your advantage. Here are some helpful suggestions to get you started:

Remember to unplug the power recliner on your reclining sofa before beginning any disassembly. For safety reasons, the majority of specialists advise tipping the backrest and removing the footrest. It is a far more effective method of disassembling your recliner.

Take pictures of your recliner for future use once it’s fully visible. By doing this, you can ensure that you never mishandle the entire recliner by remembering just how it should look and which screws go where.

Finding each of the recliner’s locking mechanisms will be your next task when disassembling it. For safety purposes, the locking mechanisms on the majority of recliners are located at the rear of the safe. Either the seat locks underneath the sofa or the release levers at the back will need to be released.

Should your recliner be covered in fabric, there will be a looped fastener located at the rear of the chair. All you need to do is locate the flap’s edge and pull. The recliner’s internal mechanism is easily removable, allowing for any necessary repairs.

If the recliner remains attached, we advise you to gently place it on its back; if not, feel free to arrange it any way you choose. Make sure you avoid breaking your floors or the recliner itself when you push it backward. Additionally, watch what you’re working on closely and use care while handling your hands.

Organizing the components in the bags they arrive in is the most efficient method for disassembling a recliner. When these parts are sent in a package, they are all labeled. Being at the top of your game will be aided by having them in the same inserts.


That’s all the information we were able to gather about do all recliners come apart or not. As you’ve read, most recliners are disassembly-friendly, even though reassembling them could be challenging. I suggest seeking professional assistance if you are unable to assemble the recliner to prevent any harm.

Whether or not you decide to open your recliner is entirely up to you. However, if that is the question you need answered, it is possible.


Do recliners are a good purchase?

A reclining sofa can be your greatest option if relaxation and comfort are your main concerns. Finding the ideal amount of support and adjusting the location can significantly improve your whole sitting experience.

Do most recliners disassemble so they can be moved?

There are various types of recliners available. Primarily, however, certain types include removable seat backs that are fastened with locking levers. On the other hand, the other models have a detachable bar that is fastened to the base and may be removed to aid in additional disassembly.

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