Fix Recliner Pull Handle [Easy Fix!]

how to fix a recliner pull handle

Recliners have improved everyone’s home’s décor and degree of comfort for almost 200 years. Approximately thirty percent of Americans own a recliner, primarily for comfort. In addition, spending time in a recliner with friends or family on the weekends is the ideal way to unwind.

After extended use, a recliner’s pull handle may sustain damage regardless of its overall quality. Therefore, fixing it can be vexing and even painful at times.

Is your recliner broken or does it not work as smoothly as it used to?

Having said that, this post will show you how to fix a recliner pull handle as quickly and effectively as possible!

Knowing the Recliner Handle

First, we comprehend the mechanism of the recliner handle. An essential component of the recliner that allows you to adjust the posture to your preferred level of comfort is the handle.

Its primary function is to engage the reclining mechanism. It is situated at the side of the recliner chair. To recline or get back to an upright position, pull or push the lever to activate the reclining mechanism.

Numerous internal systems that are attached to the recliner handle cooperate to modify the chair’s position. These mechanics vary depending on the design of the recliner, but they often consist of gears, springs, and levers.

As you move the handle to alter the position, your force is transferred to internal mechanics that allow you to move and modify the recliner’s position to suit your needs.

The majority of recliner handles are made to be simple to use or easy to use. Many contemporary recliners have numerous features or easily accessible buttons, and their form makes them comfortable to grip.

Reasons for Fixing a Pull Handle on a Recliner

The ideal place to read a book; see your preferred TV show is or, to relax in a recliner. On the other hand, if the pull handle on your chair breaks, it could be annoying. Because they are used so often, recliner pull handles can eventually fail or wear out.

Even while it could be easy to disregard it and keep using the chair without the pull handle, doing so could cause more harm. In addition to keeping your chair comfortable, fixing a pull handle on your recliner is essential to preventing additional harm. When the fix is as simple as a quick fix, there’s no reason to endure suffering!

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Various Kinds of Handles for Recliners

The three varieties of recliner handles do the same job, but their anatomical features differ. Examine the functionality of these handles before beginning to fix the chair.

Lever Style

The most popular type of recliners was those with this style, which was ubiquitous in previous models. It features a wood, plastic, or metal infusion, based on the quality of the recliner. Furthermore, because of their simple pull operation, owners find these to be incredibly intuitive.

D-Ring Style

This special kind of pull handle looks different but functions the same. It is a D-shaped handle that, when pulled, causes the chair to recline. Its mechanism is also comparable to that of a gas-powered lawnmower.

 Flapper Style

Because they blend seamlessly with the chair and have a sleek appearance, these handles have a unique anatomy. Because of its subtle characteristics, this style is typically found in most current designs. Furthermore, this handle is quite simple to use—all you need to do is push the flap forward to recline the chair. This design can even be likened to the gas tank opener on a car.

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How to fix a recliner pull handle?

Now that you understand the anatomy of a recliner handle and have the required equipment, let’s begin the procedure of fixing your recliner’s handle:

Determine the Recliner Type

Figuring out what sort of recliner you have at home is the most vital phase in fixing the pull handle on your recliner. You can go on toward the accompanying stage following deciding on the sort of recliner.

Take out the Old Handle

Eliminating the old handle is the subsequent move toward fixing your recliner pull handle. To fix the screws holding the handle set up, you’ll require a screwdriver. The handle ought to be easy to eliminate after the screws have been taken out. To prevent losing the screws, ensure you store them in a secure location.

Change the Handle

Changing out the old handle for a new one is the third step in repairing your recliner pull handle. A new handle is something you may order online or purchase from a hardware store. To prevent any sizing concerns, make sure you purchase the appropriate handle for your recliner. All you have to do is screw the new handle back into place after aligning it with the screw holes.

Examine the Handle

Testing your recliner pull handle to ensure it functions properly is the final step in mending it. You should simply sit down in the recliner and apply strain on the new recliner pull handle.

At the point when you apply pressure, the handle ought to make a clicking sound to show that it is working appropriately. Should there be no clicking noise, you might need to replace the handle or make some changes.

Daily maintain the handle

It’s vital to give your recliner pull handle routine support whenever you’ve fixed it to prevent future issues. Cleaning the handle regularly with a soft cloth and a mild detergent will help achieve this.

Also, search for any loose parts and any broken and replace them immediately. Your recliner pull handle should survive for many years if you give it the necessary care.

If Needed, Seek Professional Assistance

It is advisable to get professional assistance if you have tried the aforementioned solutions and are still unable to fix your recliner pull lever. You can take your recliner to a hardware store to have it fixed, as they frequently provide repair services.

Enjoy the Relaxation of Your Recliner Again

Enjoying the comforts of your recliner is the final step! You need to have a fully functional recliner pull handle after completing these instructions, enabling you to unwind in ultimate comfort.

There you have it, then. You should be able to benefit from your recliner’s comfort for many years to come if you correctly follow these instructions and give your pull handle frequent maintenance.

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How Should a Recliner Pull Handle Be Maintained?

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your chair continues to perform as intended. It can also be inconvenient to do it again if you have already corrected it. What then do you do?

Check out this maintenance advice for the pull handle on your recliner:

Clean it up

To maintain the mechanism working, apply a VD-40 oil spray. Its longevity can be ensured by occasionally oiling it. Additionally, you may keep the chair clean to aid in clearing the bolts of any dirt and sedimentation.

Allowing dust to gather might reduce the smoothness and block the path. so impairing the system.

To keep the pathway smooth and functional, you can even oil the nuts, screws, and path!

Don’t Misuse the Device

Messing with the pull system would be a poor idea. Thus, you can extend the handle’s life by gently pushing on it and utilizing it as intended.

Furthermore, you run the risk of damaging the mechanism if you apply excessive pressure to the recliner.

Maintain Safety with the Handle

It is less likely that kids or pets will tamper with the handle if it is hidden from them. Manipulating the pull handle of the recliner might cause irreversible damage!

Make Regular Use of It

Sometimes you may believe that it will remain healthier for a longer period if this process is not used. That is untrue, though, and you risk endangering the recliner itself if you cease using it for that purpose.

Thus, don’t forget to use it whenever you need a break!

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Purchase of a New Recliner

Purchasing a new recliner when your current one is outdated is a prudent move. It will provide you with comfort while also reducing the need for maintenance and repairs.


You can achieve a lot on your own if you simply invest a little time. Therefore, keeping a little assortment of tools in your house is normally really smart. These can help you resolve small issues like this one without going over your budget for additional assistance.

You now understand how to fix a recliner pull handle. You don’t have to employ an expert straight away to do it for you; it is much simpler than it might appear. However long you take great consideration of it and keep up with it, a recliner ought to keep going for quite a while. You can spend your free time and perhaps take a nap in this amazing chair. You can choose a recliner that best fits your lifestyle from a wide variety of types available.

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