What Colors Go With Dark Wood Bedroom Furniture? Beyond Basics

What colors go with dark wood bedroom furniture

You can make your bedroom more attractive while maintaining a sense of symmetry if you are familiar with what colors go with dark wood bedroom furniture.

Bedroom furniture made from dark wood give richness and modification giving an aura of elegance to the ambiance of any room. But the atmosphere and design of your bedroom may be impacted by the colors that you choose to match the dark wood in your furniture. It is tricky just like what color with cherry wood furniture.

Dark Wood Furniture Bedroom Ideas

The shades of dark wood are very essential when choosing colors to go with it. No matter if the wood is walnut, black or espresso it has its own tones that affect the colors that go excellently with it.

Beige Or Taupe Color

Adding beige and taupe color with dark wood furniture will give minimalistic peek to your bedroom.

Wall color: You can sum up it in walls to make the furniture stand out.

Wall color

Curtains: You can add darker shade curtains like rich brown tones and also lighter shades like cream, beige which will give an open sense in the room.


Select a curtain with a light format for a gentle allure and an elegant finish. This is a terrific way to sum up depth to your bedroom without making it too occupied.

light curtains

Pillows and throws: To create a unified appearance with your bed linens and pillows you should consider using a beige, cream or off-white color scheme. Add a throw in a darker tone to fill out with an additional layer of depth and texture.

Minimalist rug: Choose a minimalist rug with basic patterns or solid colors in a complimentary tone to improve your room with clean and modest style. This will add elegance without detracting from the overall appearance of the room.

Minimalist rug

Seating: You can enrich your room with a mixture of textures and styles by including furniture pieces such as a basic white chair, contemporary rattan chair, wooden frame chair or a wooden ottoman or leather cushioned top.


Cream Or Off-white Color:

You may create a relaxing atmosphere that highlights simplicity and elegance in your room by painting the walls in a cream or off-white color.

This will help you achieve the appearance of minimalism which is quite famous right now.

Blue Color:

Wall color: Go for painting one feature wall with blue. This will add a gentle pop of color that improves the air of the room without overpowering the general bland and soothing style.

Or if you want to paint all wall of room with blue, you can also do that.

Cushions and throw: Brighten up your space with decorative cushions in bright colors or interesting patterns. They will give life and personality.

Seating:If the walls are all blue select neutral colored furniture and add pattern pillows to make the room stand out.

Blue color

To make the room look more balanced if your only accent wall is blue then balancing it with a blue chair or use blue accents in the curtains. Or you can add popup of yellow chairs with blue.


Rugs: Add a rug in a neutral color like grey or beige to tie the space together. A patterned rug in many tones of blue may serve as a beautiful focal point and pull the decor components together.


Ice-blue Color:

Without any doubt you can add ice blue details to dark wood bedroom furniture this will add a soothing and energizing touch. They create a modest but elegant contrast that improves your bedroom look.

Wall: you can add ice-blue paint on all walls of your room.

Cushions and throws: You can add an ice-blue blanket or blue-patterned bed linen to dark wood bedroom furnishings.

Cushions and throws

Seating: Consider putting in a black metallic chair for a sleek contrast, if you want a clear look then add a white upholstered chair or a patterned ice-blue chair to give color and design to your dark wood bedroom furniture.

Curtains: To match with metallic black chair try black curtains for a classy look, white curtains for a fresh and airy vibe or patterned ice-blue curtains for color and personality.

Blue chair & curtains

Rug: To match your dark wood bedroom furniture you can try a patterned ice-blue rug, a white or a greyish rug.


Grey Color:

The color gray will look great with dark wood furniture which give the room a stylish and modern look. You can add shades of gray on the walls, rugs and curtains to bring out the richness of dark wood while giving the room a more modern feel.

Wall color: To stand out against dark wood furniture add a dark gray or charcoal accent wall. But lighter wall paint colors enhance contrast and brightness which provide depth to the space.

Cushions and throws: Use white, grey, black, plum and dark blue cushions, bed linen, and throws to create a cohesive color palette that matches with your dark wood furniture.

Grey color

Seating: Consider using purple, white and black seats to create a modern appearance that matches your dark wood furnishings.

Curtain: To give depth and flair to your dark wood furniture you can pair it with white and black or with patterned gray or contrasting chairs and drapes.

Grey curatins

Rug: Choose a grey, black or white rug to match your environment. These shades may complement dark wood furniture which create a classy and adaptable interior decor.

Emerald Green Or Olive Green:

Your decor might be rich and earthy with emerald or olive green. Emerald green is vivid and elegant and olive green is more muted and natural. Both may compliment dark wood furniture.

Wall: All walls painted olive green provide a calm and earthy atmosphere while an emerald green accent wall adds a strong and luxury focal point that complements the dark wood furnishings.

Emerald green or olive green

Cushions and throws: Contrasting pillows and bedding may compliment olive and emerald green walls.

Green Cushions

To create a unified and appealing area you can use plain white bedding or add brown and mustard cushions particularly if you have matching chairs.

Seating: Consider a leather upholstered chair for elegance. For a natural look you can use rattan seats. White or black chairs can also add elegant and adaptable to match your space decor.

Curtains: Tropical pattern curtains bring color and life while light printed green curtains to provide a hint of nature within. Use green solids or white to create a fresh and unified environment.

Green Curtains

Rug: A basic neutral carpet may complement your room design and provide an adaptable base. Instead use patterned green rug to equip visual interest and match the room decor.

Rug 2

How To Make Dark Wood Furniture Look Modern?

To modernize dark wood furniture, consider incorporating accessories and lighting:

Golden Accessories

Golden Accessories

Golden accessories like bowls, vases, frames and accent pieces may add luster to dark wood furniture and the area as a whole.

Golden curtains: Golden curtains can complement dark wood furniture and bring majesty and class to your area.

Golden curtains

Minimalists Table Lamps:

Modern and clear spaces benefit from minimalist table lamp which are sleek with modest forms that give useful illumination.

Minimalistist Table lamps

Camel Or Mustard Accessories:

Camels and mustard throws, rugs, and cushions offer warmth and color to your area, complimenting the décor and improving the aesthetic.

Camel or mustard accessories

Contrast Color Accessories:

Just like camel and mustard pop up you can add any contrasting color in pillows, rug, chair or curtain by keeping walls neutral. Like orange, maroon, blue and yellow.

Rug Selection:

If you are going to select a rug except neutral, you should choose wisely otherwise it can create a distracting visual for your room.


Considering tones, contrasts and personal tastes is an artistic process that goes into choosing colors that complement dark wood bedroom furniture. Creating a chic and relaxing retreat in your bedroom is as simple as mixing the proper colors.


1. How Can I Brighten My Bedroom With Dark Wood Furniture?

Use light-colored bedding, rugs and wall paint to contrast and brighten the room with dark wood furniture.

2. How Do You Update A Bedroom With Dark Wood Bedroom?

Add vibrant textiles, light wall paint and modern decor to refresh a bedroom with dark wood furniture.

3.can I Mix Light And Dark Wood Furniture In A Room?

Yes, combining light and dark wood furniture can create visual interest; ensure balance and coordination for a cohesive look.

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