How to Reset an Adjustable Bed Without a Remote? No Remote, No Problem, Quick Fixes

How to Reset an Adjustable Bed Without a Remote

Dropping or having trouble with your adjustable bed remote will be a hassle. Fortunately, you can reset an adjustable bed without a remote control in a number of ways.

Adjustable beds give comfort and sleep quality for many people. They introduced comfort to us.These innovative types of furniture allows us to modify to the ideal equilibrium for optimal convenience and good health. You can also connect two adjustable beds together for more convenience.

How do you manually rest your adjustable bed?

When you faced a situation where the remote is unavailable or the adjustable bed remote is not working then manual resetting becomes essential. Here are some steps to reset your adjustable bed manually:

Unplugging the Bed

Unplugging the bed power supply for a short period of time is one option. This will help you to reset the bed system and fix minor problems. Wait a few minutes then reconnect it to see if the bed is working properly.

Using Bed Controls

Most adjustable beds come with built-in controls. Access these controls located on the bed frame. By pressing specific buttons or sequences you can reset the bed to its default settings.

Reset Position to a default or flat position

Use the manual controls to adjust the head and foot sections to their lowest or flat positions.

Hold down the reset button (if available) for a few seconds until you notice a response or the bed starts to reset.

Wait and Reconnect

After resetting wait for a few minutes before plugging the bed back into the power outlet. This brief pause can allow the internal systems to reset properly.


Once plugged in test the bed by adjusting it to different positions using the manual controls to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

Alternative Solutions

There are ways to successfully reset the bed without the remote:

Manufacturer’s Guidelines

If you need help check the bed handbook or the maker’s website.

If you lost remote to adjustable bed and need to reset your bed then they usually give other options or detailed instructions.

Universal Adjustable Bed Remote App

Consider using a universal adjustable bed remote app. These apps can sync with the bed system and replicate remote functions on your smartphone or tablet. You can style your adjustable bed as per your preference.

Troubleshooting a Non-Functioning Adjustable Bed Remote

Sometimes, the remote might stop working or malfunction. Here’s what to do:

Check Batteries: Replace the batteries in the remote as depleted batteries can cause functionality issues.

Reset the Remote: Reset the remote by removing the batteries and pressing all the buttons for a few seconds. Then reinsert the batteries and check if they work.

Inspect for Damage: Check for Cracks/Water Damage/Loose Parts or make sure the remote hasn’t been damaged in any way. If it becomes damaged it can stop working. In case of damage a new remote may be obtained by contacting the manufacturer.

Why is my adjustable bed don’t responding to the remote?

To find the source of the problem it is important to check each possible issue in a planned way. To start fixing the problem, first do simple things like changing the batteries and making sure the remote and the bed can talk to each other clearly.

If the problem doesn’t go away, then you should look at the user instructions or contact the manufacturer’s support team for advice that is special to your bed type.


The remote is a convenient tool for adjusting an adjustable bed, and there are several ways to reset the bed without it. Manual methods, alternative solutions, and universal remote apps offer viable options when the remote is misplaced or malfunctioning.


1. Can I reset my adjustable bed without a remote?

Yes, you can reset it manually or consider using alternative solutions like universal remote apps.

2. What is the zero gravity button on an adjustable bed?

When you press the “Zero Gravity” button on a movable bed, it changes its position to make you feel like you have no weight on your body or are in a balanced position.

It slightly raises the head and feet to relieve pressure on the body, which helps you rest and get more blood flowing.

3. Why is my adjustable bed remote not working?

It could be due to depleted batteries or a need for a reset. Try changing the batteries and resetting the remote.

4. Are universal adjustable bed remote apps effective?

Yes, they can be effective in controlling your adjustable bed settings through a smartphone or tablet.

5. What do you do if an adjustable bed is stuck?

Safety First: Stop attempting to adjust it to prevent damage.

Check Power: Ensure the bed is plugged in and the power source is functioning.

Manual Reset: Use manual controls to lower the bed to its flat position.

Reset Electronics: Unplug the bed for a few minutes, then plug it back in.

Inspect Obstructions: Check for anything obstructing movement under the bed.

Refer to Manual: Follow manufacturer instructions for troubleshooting.

Professional Help: If unresolved, contact the manufacturer or a technician for assistance.

6. Can unplugging the bed help reset it without the remote?

Yes, unplugging the bed for a few minutes might reset it to default settings.

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