How to Connect Two Twin Adjustable Beds Together

How to Connect Two Twin Adjustable Beds Together

Adjustable split king beds have transformed the way individuals sleep by letting each person find their own comfort level without waking up the other partner. But one problem that a lot of people have is how to connect two twin adjustable beds together. Let’s look at some good ways to fix this problem and make sure you get a good night sleep every night.

The Challenge with Split King Mattresses

Beside styling adjustable bed you want to put two twin adjustable beds together. This will give you a larger sleeping area that’s perfect for couples or people who need more room to stretch out. Instead of buying a bigger bed frame or mattress this is an affordable option.

But the problem is mattresses in a split king bed and because they are lighter, they might move around a little while you sleep, making you uncomfortable.

Methods to Connect Two Twin Adjustable Beds

Bed Connectors and Straps

Bed Connectors and Straps

Connectors and straps for beds are useful accessories for joining several beds. These sturdy straps fasten around the edges and keep the mattresses from moving while you sleep.

Setting up a Bridge or Mattress Cover

Setting up a Bridge or Mattress Cover

How do you fill the gap in a split king bed? The space among the two beds may be filled by inserting a mattress topper or bridge in the middle. This is a common usage for foam toppers and bridges.

Putting bed couplers or brackets to use

Putting bed couplers or brackets to use

Bed couplers or clamps are made to fit adjustable beds perfectly and connect them together. They keep the beds stable while still letting each person change them to their own needs.

Factors to Think About When Linking Two Adjustable Beds

Mattress Compatibility

Ensure the compatibility of the beds before connecting them. It is simpler to attach beds that are made by the same company or are the same size.

Keeping one’s own adaptability intact

While connecting the beds, ensure that each side maintains its flexibility for customized comfort.

Safety precautions

Make sure the beds are correctly fastened so they don’t move around while being used. Maintaining equilibrium requires regular inspection of the connections.

How to sync split king adjustable bed? or un-sync

How to sync split king adjustable bed or un-sync

It can be fun to figure out how your adaptable mattress works and try out all of its different features. But in the excitement of setting it up, important things that can make your experience more luxurious are often forgotten.

A frequent question we get is how to sync a split king bed base. Follow these steps by which you can swiftly get back to relaxing in total comfort like a pro.

  1. Tape the letters A and B on the front of the appropriate remote controls.
  2. Verify that remote controls work only with their specified bases.
  3. The power wire and the blue pairing button for base B are hidden behind it.
  4. For synchronization, press and hold the pairing button on base B for 3 beeps while simultaneously holding the head-up and foot-up buttons on remote A. If no beeps are heard, try again by pressing the remote’s buttons before the pairing button.
  5. Keep remote B’s head tilt down and under-bed light buttons held at the same time. Press the “head up” and “foot up” buttons on remote A at the same time.
  6. Press and hold the four buttons for ten seconds.
  7. Make that the two remote controls are in sync by testing their individual functions.

Now the time comes when you want to unsync the adjustable beds, who knows mood? So here is how you can unsync adjustable bed:

  1. Disconnect the bases and take the remotes apart.
  2. Put batteries in one remote control and push the “head up” and “foot up” buttons simultaneously.
  3. Connect the power wire to the base and press the blue pairing button.
  4. Press the blue pairing button and the “head up” and “foot up” buttons on the remote at the same time.
  5. When you hear a beep, you know you can trust that something basic is working.
  6. To cover second base, just repeat steps 2-5.


Couples can take advantage of even more luxurious rest on a split king mattress made by connecting two twin adjustable beds together. By applying these tactics, you may efficiently maintain the beds aligned and synchronized, ensuring an uninterrupted and peaceful night’s sleep.


1. Can any two twin adjustable beds be connected together?

Compatibility check ensures connecting twin adjustable beds; beds from the same brand or dimensions facilitate connection.

2. What is the ideal method for ensuring the beds stay connected securely?

Utilize secure connectors like bed straps or couplers for stable connectivity.

3. Why my adjustable bed is not responding to the remote?

Check remote batteries, power connection, or obstruction around the bed; consider resetting or replacing the remote if needed.

4. Are there any risks involved in connecting twin adjustable beds?

Risks are minimal if beds are properly secured; ensure stability and compatibility.

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