What Countertop Goes Best with Hickory Cabinets? Top Options and Color Suggestions

What Countertop Goes Best with Hickory Cabinets

In many homes, Hickory cabinets are a popular choice for the kitchen. They are known for being terrific and long lasting. These cabinets often have a unique grain pattern with colors ranging from light and creamy tones to darker brown. This variety adds a touch of country elegance to the kitchen.

When it comes to improving the look of a kitchen with oak Hickory cabinets, homeowners often search for the best countertops. The ideal countertop should create symmetry and complement the cabinets. The surface of the countertop is important in bringing out the beauty of the Hickory wood.

Choosing the right splashbacks is also crucial. The colour of the splashback should work well with both the grey cabinet and the Hickory ones. The goal is to make sure everything in the kitchen blends well together, enhancing the overall look and feel. This careful selection process shows the desire of homeowners to create a harmonious and appealing kitchen space.

Hickory Cabinets and Countertops

Hickory Cabinets and Countertops

Hickory cabinets have excellent traits. They come in a wide range of styles. This makes them good to help you choose the right countertops.

  1. Extreme Hardness: Hickory wood is very hard. It can last well in kitchens used daily.
  2. Lasting Durability: These cabinets don’t dent or scratch easily. They keep their quality for a long time.
  3. Damage Resistance: They are a good choice for kitchens. They handle dampness and humidity well. You won’t worry much about protecting your kitchen from grease.
  4. Captivating Color Range: Hickory has colors from light creams to darker reds. This adds warmth and personality.
  5. Harmony in Countertops: You need to choose different types and patterns of wood. This makes sure your countertops and Hickory cabinets match well.

Finally, pale-cream countertops go well with dark hickory wood. For bigger kitchens, earthy colors like brown and beige, or black or dark gray, add elegance. They make your kitchen cozy and comfortable. You will learn how to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

Choosing Countertops that Look Great with Hickory Cabinets

When you are choosing a countertop for your kitchen, think about how it will look with hickory cabinets. Hickory wood has many colors, like blondish white, deep red-brown, and dark brown. You can choose from many countertop styles and colors to match this wood.

Hickory cabinets often have a richer pattern. A simple countertop can make them look even better. When you pick a countertop, look for one in a solid color or with a light pattern. This helps your hickory cabinets stand out. The material of the countertop is important too. You want something that lasts long and is easy to take care of.

Your kitchen has other things like the floor, tiles, and wall paint. Make sure your countertops match these too. They should not only suit your cabinets but also fit the whole kitchen style. This way, everything in your kitchen looks good together. You get more imnformation about Can You Replace Kitchen Flooring Without Removing Cabinets? Flooring or Cabinets First?

A. Choosing Countertops Based on Material

When you pick a countertop for hickory cabinets, think about the material. Granite slabs are a popular choice in many kitchens. They look luxurious and are good with heat. But, their patterns and imperfections might be too much with hickory. A kitchen with too much going on can get loud if the patterned surface of granite does not match the cabinet.

Marble is another expensive and popular material. Many people use it for a single island in the middle because it costs a lot. Marble is good with water and heat and makes your house worth more. But, it may not be the best option for hickory cabinets because of its unique patterns.

Instead, look for a smooth and simple surface that fits your kitchen’s design and how it looks. The best choices for your countertop are those that go well with hickory and make your kitchen look good without too much.

B. Choosing Countertops Based on Color

Hickory wood has a coarse look with knots and textures. When you are choosing a countertop, a simple style with not many details is good. Light or medium-colored countertops that don’t have much movement go well with hickory kitchen cabinets.

Colors like cream, beige, and brown are good because they show the warmth of the wood. These colors are versatile, meaning they work with both light and dark-colored hickory. If the wood is darker, a lighter countertop makes a good contrast. Cream and beige are popular. They highlight the rich texture of the hickory and make it stand out. They are great for a traditional or rustic kitchen.

Gray is nice for a farmhouse kitchen. A white worktop looks chic in a Mediterranean kitchen. If your hickory is light-colored, then black or brown countertops are the best choice. Dark countertops like black, dark brown, or dark gray are elegant. They go well with an industrial look and match many wall paint colors. They give a clean and classy look. But, depending on what they are made of, they can be hard to clean and might show print marks. In a small kitchen, they can make it look even smaller.

10 Types of Countertops Go Well with Hickory Cabinets

Hickory cabinets are popular with many homeowners. They look great and are very strong. If you are thinking about what countertops match them, here are some ideas. I talked to a kitchen remodeling company, Cutting Edge Cabinetry in West Haven, UT. They know a lot about this and helped us decide what goes best with hickory cabinets.

Hickory wood is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. It comes in different shades and is hard, heavy-duty, and doesn’t break easily. Picking a countertop that looks good with it needs some thought. Solid surface countertops are often what experts suggest, no matter what your cabinets are like. Stone surfaces are better than wood because they last longer and don’t get damaged easily.

We found stone surfaces that fit well with our hickory cabinets. They made our kitchen look better and are also strong. The main thing is to choose a countertop that looks good with the hickory and is useful in the kitchen.

1. Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops Timeless Elegance with Considerations

Marble countertops are a classic option that always stays in style. They are great for kitchen islands and special surfaces. Each piece of marble is different. They come in many colors and designs. This makes them good for matching with hickory cabinets. They bring a rich and lasting look to your kitchen.

When picking marble, think about how much you can spend and what kind of texture you like. Polished marble is shiny but can get scratches and etching. Honed marble does not show damage as much. It’s important to know how to take care of marble, especially when you change your sink, to keep it looking good.

Marble needs some care. It is visually striking but needs looking after. There are two types: polished, which is more delicate, and honed, which is stronger. This is important to think about when making your kitchen.

Marble might cost more, but it’s worth it. It has many colors and styles. It makes an excellent choice for a beautiful kitchen.

2. Granite Countertops

Granite Countertops Balancing Durability

For countertops with hickory cabinets, many people like granite. It’s a favorite choice among renovation experts. Some designers might not pick it because of the bold patterns and veins. But a good renovator with a sharp eye can match granite nicely with hickory. It’s a cost-effective solution that many property owners choose for its ability to handle heat and last a long time.

The material’s unique look can be a bit of a challenge to match the right colors together. But you can find a granite slab that mixes its own style with a good balance. Even though granite’s dramatic patterns might look hard to combine with hickory, they can really stand out in a kitchen.

Granite is good for your budget too. It’s a cost-effective choice. It’s strong and can handle a lot of use, which is why granite remains a popular choice. It has a special look that many people like.

3. Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops Versatility and Practicality

If you want an easy renovation process and no aesthetic hiccups, quartz countertops are a good choice. Many homeowners like quartz because it’s like stone but not real stone. It comes in many variations, including solid colors and patterns. These slabs look great with hickory cabinets.

Quartz is popular because it has good things from both marble and granite, but it doesn’t cost as much. It doesn’t need much work to keep clean and doesn’t need any sealing. This makes it great for people who want to fix their kitchens themselves.

Quartz has lots of colors. You can find the right color and texture to match your hickory cabinets. Quartz is good because it’s not too expensive, easy to clean, and lasts a long time. It doesn’t get dirty easily, which is another plus.

Quartz countertops are a great choice for a kitchen remodel that’s hassle-free. Since quartz looks like stone but is actually fake, it gives you many patterns and colors to choose from.

4. Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is a natural stone. It is gray. This makes it a good countertop choice for hickory cabinets in industrial kitchen. Soapstone is excellent for traditional kitchen homes too. Over time, soapstone changes. It gets an antique-like patina. This looks good with hickory kitchen countertops.

This material is good because it does not get stains and can handle heat well. Soapstone can get scratches over time. But this adds to its old look. Some people like this look in their kitchen. If you do not like scratches, you can remove them. You can sand out these damages.

Many homeowners like soapstone. They think it adds to the beauty of their kitchen countertop. Choosing soapstone for your hickory cabinets means you get a countertop that looks better as it gets older.

5. Solid Acrylic Countertops

Solid acrylic and resin countertops are good for kitchens. They are made from pressed sheets. These sheets have different materials. These countertops are slightly less expensive than other natural materials. They are good for larger kitchens. Acrylic and resin sheets are a good fit for many kitchens.

You can choose from many colors and patterns. You will find the right one for your hickory kitchen cabinets. Some solid sheets look like natural granite or marble. They have vein patterns. If your kitchen cabinets have lots of textures, maybe choose a different style.

These countertops are stain-resistant. But they can get damage from high heat. You need a professional to help put them in your kitchen.

6. Ceramic Tiles Countertops

Ceramic tiles are perfect for modern or beach kitchen. They are easy to clean and install. Good for DIY lovers. They are less expensive than many other choices.

You can find ceramic tiles in many styles. They mimic granite, wood, marble, leather, or cork. Many options in colors and shades to match hickory kitchen cabinets.

Ceramic tiles are stain and heat-resistant. You can replace a single tile if it gets damaged or broken. But, they are brittle and may crack with impact.

Spend time cleaning the grout lines. Dirty grout lines can ruin the look of your kitchen.

Do you want to Change your Tiles In Kitchen Without Removing Them? Freshen Up Your Kitchen

7. Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless steel countertops are good for industrial or contemporary kitchen. They are durable and heat-resistant. These countertops are extremely easy to clean. They add real-estate value to your property.

You can order these countertops with no seams for a perfect clean look. They are neat and match well with hickory in light or dark shades. Good for hickory cabinets with lots of texture.

This material is expensive. Not always best for a larger kitchen. Stainless steel can get scratches. Not for use as a cutting surface. You can mix it with another material like quartz or solid sheets. This makes your kitchen more modern.

8. Butcher Block Countertops

Choosing countertops for our kitchen remodel took time. My hubby and I talked a lot about it. We really liked our Hickory cabinets. It was like falling in love again. We needed something that looked good with them. That’s when we thought of butcher block countertops.

At first, I was worried. I thought butcher block countertops and Hickory cabinets might be too much wood. But then, I liked the idea. Butcher block countertops are strips of wood stuck together. They make the kitchen feel warm and special. They have their own look. The wood patterns and colors are pretty. They make the kitchen feel nice and welcoming. Everything looks good together.

Butcher block countertops are more than just pretty. They are strong and good for cooking. They don’t harm knives. This makes them great for people who love to cook and bake. But you need to care for them. Putting oil on them often is important. We use safe oils like mineral oil or walnut oil. You need to clean them well with soap and water. Make sure to dry them fully. This stops them from getting damaged. Don’t put hot pots and pans directly on them. That can damage the wood.

Even though they need some extra care, butcher block countertops are worth it. They add something special to the kitchen. They are useful and look really nice. They match perfectly with Hickory cabinets.

9. Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are popular now. They look modern and have an industrial appeal. When you put them with hickory cabinets, your kitchen looks different and new. It’s a nice mix of old and new styles.

These countertops can be custom-made. This means they fit any kitchen layout. You can choose how they look. They can be smooth and shiny or have a textured, rough look. You pick what you like. One small question if you want to know about kosher kitchen layout so just go on our link.

They are strong and last a long time. Concrete countertops resist heat and scratches. They are good for busy kitchens. If you cook a lot or have friends over, these are great. They come in many colors and finishes. You can match them with the warm tones of hickory cabinets. You can even add things like stones or glass to make them unique.

Concrete countertops are easy to take care of. You need to seal them to stop stains and water from getting in. Clean them with mild soap and water. Don’t use harsh cleaners. They can hurt the surface.

These countertops make your kitchen look modern and industrial. They also match well with the natural beauty of hickory cabinets. You can make your kitchen look just how you want it. Homeowners like these countertops because they can change them to fit their style.

10. Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are a good choice for kitchens. They are not too expensive and can look like natural stone or wood. This makes them a budget-friendly and stylish choice. They fit well in most kitchens and are a versatile option.

These countertops are strong. They don’t get stains, scratches, or damage from heat easily. This makes them suitable for use every day. They have a non-porous surface, so you don’t need to seal them often. Cleaning them is easy. You just need soap and water. But, it’s important not to use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. These can harm the finish.

Laminate countertops look good with hickory cabinets. You can choose from many colors and patterns. Some have a stone-inspired design or a woodgrain pattern. This helps create a nice look in your kitchen.

They are also easy to put in. They are lightweight and often come ready to install. This makes them a quick and cost-effective solution for your kitchen.

You should be careful with them, though. They can get dents. It’s best to use cutting boards and trivets to keep them safe. This stops knives and hot cookware from touching the surface directly.

In short, laminate countertops are a good, affordable choice for kitchens with hickory cabinets. They are attractive, strong, and easy to take care of. This makes them popular with many homeowners.

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Most Popular Countertop Materials for Hickory Cabinets

For hickory cabinets, many countertop materials are popular. People choose different ones based on what they like. Granite and quartz are common because they look good and last long. Marble is also a choice for a fancy look. Some people pick solid surface materials like Corian or Silestone for a smooth look. Wooden countertops, like butcher block or reclaimed wood, are liked too. They give a natural feel. Each type has its own special look and it’s up to the person to decide.

Benefits of Granite, Quartz, and Marble Countertops

Granite countertops, Quartz countertops, and Marble countertops each have good things about them for hickory cabinets:

  • Granite countertops are very strong and can handle heat. They come in lots of colors and patterns. This makes them a good choice for many kinds of kitchens.
  • Quartz countertops don’t get dirty easily and are easy to take care of. They also have many colors and patterns. The color and pattern stay the same all over. This is great for people who want their kitchen to look the same everywhere.
  • Marble countertops look fancy and have pretty patterns. They can handle heat and last a long time. But they can get stains and scratches more than granite or quartz. They are good for people who like fancy things and are okay with taking care of them more.

Each type is good for different things. People pick what works best for them based on what they need, what they like, and how much they can spend.

What Are The Best Countertop Colors For Hickory Cabinets?

When you have hickory cabinets, picking the right countertop colors is important. Earthy tones like beige, tan, or light brown go well with the warm, natural tones of hickory. They make your kitchen feel friendly and put together.

If you want something different, charcoal gray or deep brown countertops can look really smart. They make a nice contrast and add style to your kitchen. White or cream countertops are also a good choice. They make your kitchen look bright and go well with hickory.

For materials, granite countertops in brown, gold, or with little speckled patterns are popular. They are strong and match the hickory well. Quartz countertops are good too because they don’t get dirty easily and don’t need much care. They come in lots of colors and patterns, including black which looks modern. Marble countertops in warm gray or soft white look fancy and beautiful.

You can also think about solid surface countertops like Corian or Silestone. They have many colors and patterns to choose from. For a more rustic feel, butcher block or reclaimed wood countertops can be really nice. The best choice depends on what you like, the color of your cabinets, and how you want your kitchen to feel.

Complementary Countertop Options for Hickory Cabinets

Look at the following countertop selections which are an excellent option to match hickory cabinets:

Earthy Tones for Countertops:

Earthy Tones for Countertops

Go for countertops in earthy hues like tan, beige or light brown to complement hickory cabinets.These warm and earth inspired colors create a cozy ambiance in the kitchen space and contrast beautifully with the natural grain and warmth of hickory wood.

The compatibility of these tones with hickory cabinets creates a harmonious blend.

Lighter Shades:

Lighter Shades

Opting for countertops in lighter shades such as cream, light gray or white offers an option to infuse brightness and a sense of airiness into the kitchen space.They act as focal points making a visual contrast against the warmth of hickory cabinets.

Also serve to strengthen natural light and make the kitchen appear more spacious.These surfaces for countertops allows for easy coordination with various kitchen design elements which impart a timeless and clean aesthetic.

Neutral Colors:

Granite countertops with flecks of brown, beige, or gold present an excellent choice when aiming for a neutral color palette that exudes durability and natural allure.The presence of brown, beige or gold flecks in granite adds depth and character also create a visually intriguing surface that complements the warmth of hickory cabinets.

Not only do these neutral tones enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen but they also provide durability and strength against daily wear and tear.

Should Countertops Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cabinets?

When deciding whether the countertops should contrast or match the cabinets it is essential to take into consideration the difference in shade:

Lighter Countertops:

  1. Lighter shades create an airy, spacious feel.
  2. Adds brightness, visually expands the kitchen.

Dark Countertops:

  1. Bring depth and richness to the design.
  2. Offers striking contrast for elegance.

Contrast Countertops:

  1. Contrasting hues highlight elements distinctly.
  2. Adds dynamic appeal to the kitchen layout.

Matching Countertops:

  1. Similar shades promote a unified look.
  2. Fosters seamless flow in the kitchen design.

Can I Mix and Match Countertop and Cabinet Colors in My Kitchen?

Yes, you can mix and match countertop colors and cabinet colors in your kitchen. This can make your kitchen look special. If you like to be different, using contrasting colors can make a strong look. It makes your kitchen really stand out. Or, you can use complementary colors for a nice, matching look. This makes everything in your kitchen look good together. So, you can choose what you like and make your kitchen your own style.

What Are the Benefits of Solid Surface Countertops?

Hickory cabinets look great. You need good countertops. Solid surface countertops like Corian and Silestone are good choices. They have many benefits. They are non-porous. This means they do not let bacteria and contamination in. They are easy to clean. This is important for a kitchen.

These countertops have a consistent color and pattern. If they get scratches or damage, you can sand them away. They look new again. They are durable. This means they last a long time. They are low-maintenance. You do not have to spend a lot of time taking care of them.

You can customize these countertops. They can be shaped to fit your kitchen. They come in many colors and patterns. You can find one to match your decor. They have a seamless look. This means they look smooth and stylish. They fit well with modern aesthetic. They are functional. This means they work well for what you need. They add sophistication to your kitchen. They make it look better.

I have used these in kitchens. They work well. They are a good match for hickory cabinets. They make your kitchen look and work better.

How Does a Wood Countertop Complement Hickory Cabinets?

Hickory cabinets and a wood countertop make your kitchen warm and inviting. This mix is good because the wooden countertop keeps the natural feeling going. The wood grain and patterns can complement or contrast with the hickory cabinets. This depends on the type of wood you pick. This adds character and interest to your kitchen.

Wood countertops are good for many reasons. They fit many kitchen styles, from rustic to modern. They are low-maintenance too. If they get scratched, you can sand them and reseal them. This makes your kitchen not just look good, but also easy to take care of. A solid wood or butcher block countertop adds texture and makes the space cozy. They are a good choice for people who like natural materials.

Choosing a wood countertop for hickory cabinets is not just about looks. It’s about making a cozy, inviting space. Every detail helps make your kitchen a special place.

What Is The Best Way To Contrast Hickory Cabinets With A Countertop?

When you have hickory cabinets in your kitchen, choosing the right countertop is important. If you want something that looks strong and modern, go for black or dark-colored granite or quartz. These countertops make a good contrast with the warm, natural wood grain of your hickory cabinets. This mix catches the eye and looks really interesting.

Maybe you like lighter colors. Then, bright, light-colored countertops like white or light gray marble or quartz are good choices. These light colors give a clean, contemporary look. They stand out against the rich, warm tones of the hickory cabinets. This choice makes your kitchen feel fresh and modern.

For a natural, rustic look, choose a wooden countertop from another wood species like walnut or cherry. This type adds warmth and shows off the beauty of the woods. It’s all about what you like. The main thing is to pick a countertop that complements your hickory cabinets and gives your kitchen a unique and eye-catching look.

Your choice should make your countertops and cabinets look their best together. The right mix will make your kitchen a favorite place for everyone.

Can I Use Different Countertop Colors for Different Areas of My Kitchen?

Yes, you can pick different countertop colors for different areas in your kitchen. Many people like this popular trend. It makes your kitchen look special and work well. For instance, a dark-colored granite or quartz countertop on your kitchen island looks smart. Lighter-colored white or light gray quartz for the edges of your kitchen makes it look bright and airy.

You can also mix materials. Maybe a wood countertop for the island and marble for the other parts. This mix looks unique and visually interesting. You choose the best materials for each specific area based on what you need and like.

Make sure everything looks good together and makes sense. This way, your kitchen will fit what you need and look visually appealing. Mixing countertops is a fun way to show your style and make your kitchen special.


Hickory cabinets offer a stunning natural aesthetic with durability and resistance to damage that make them a prime choice for kitchens.

By selecting countertops in earthy tones, lighter shades of neutrals, homeowners can amplify the natural beauty of hickory cabinets by creating a balanced and visually appealing kitchen space.


1. Do Hickory Cabinets Make Suitable Kitchen Cabinets?

Hickory hardness and resistance to moisture render it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinetry especially in environments with high humidity.

2. How Do Warm And Cool Color Schemes Complement Hickory Cabinets?

Warm tones like beige and gray create a cozy feel while cool colors such as green and blue provide a calming effect but balancing these colors is crucial.

3. How To Decorate A Kitchen With Hickory Cabinets?

To make your hickory kitchen cabinets look their best, here are eight simple ideas. First, put Glass Doors on some cabinets to show off your dishes. Next, use a Stone Backsplash for a pretty, old-style touch. Then, have Soft Lighting to make the room feel warm. Pick Dark Countertops for a strong look against the wood. Choose Wood Flooring to match the cabinets. Get Stainless Steel Appliances for a clean, new feel. Hang your Pots and Pans to save space and look nice. Last, add Antique Styled Handles for a special, old-fashioned detail. These changes will make your kitchen and cabinets stand out and look lovely.

4. Are Hickory Kitchen Cabinets In Style?

Hickory cabinets are a favorite for many because of their strong, special look. People like them for their kitchens because they last long and look good. They fit well with many types of countertops and make any kitchen look nice, whether your home is new or old. So, yes, hickory cabinets are still a good choice for making your kitchen beautiful.

5. What Is The Best Tile To Go With Hickory Cabinets?

Soapstone is a strong and good-looking tile for hickory cabinets. It comes in black, white, and gray. Other nice tiles are stone, metal, glass, and subway tile. These, especially cool-colored backsplashes, make your hickory kitchen look great.

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