Sneaky Solutions: How to Hide Fridge in Living Room

Sneaky Solutions How to Hide Fridge in Living Room

When your kitchen is too small, like a galley kitchen, putting a fridge in the living room can be a good idea. If you have a large family, having only one fridge might not be enough because you need more space for food. So, you might think about how to keep a fridge in the living room without it being too obvious. It’s about having more space for food and also making sure your living room still looks nice.

Many modern homes have fluid living spaces, and having a refrigerator in the lounge is getting more common. It’s really useful and helps when you don’t have much space in your kitchen. For example, I had to put a small integrated fridge in my tiny kitchen. Soon, I needed more room. That’s when I found clever ways to hide and disguise the fridge in my living area.

Interior design is very important for this. You want the fridge to match well with your living room and not stand out too much. It can be a wine fridge or a mini-fridge – it should fit in well with your room. This way, you can get to your drinks and snacks easily, especially when you have guests. It also helps when you don’t have enough space but still want your place to look good.

Practicalities: In settling on a location for your fridge in the living room, the first thing to address are the practicalities. It’s essential to ensure access to power and adequate ventilation, while avoiding direct sunlight or a nearby heat source. Next, it’s crucial to consider how the refrigerator’s location might disturb the lounge ambiance. A noisy fridge or one that obstructs people’s view of the TV can be bothersome. Also, consider the size of the fridge. If you’re in a single household and not into much cooking, a large fridge might be unnecessary. Opting for a mini-fridge can save space and still offer enough room for your needs. This final thing to consider while deciding where your refrigerator will go can make a big difference in your living space.

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22 Cool Tips for Hiding Your Refrigerator

To keep your living room uncluttered while adding a fridge, think about clever ways to make it incognito. Just like in a kitchen, where you need cooling but don’t want the fridge to take over the space. There’s a vast array of refrigerators and freezers to choose from. Pick one that fits well with your room’s style. It’s not just an appliance; it’s part of your home. So, instead of letting the fridge dominate the room, use useful tips for putting it in the right place. This way, your living space looks great, and you get the cooling you need.

Location Options

Think about various location options that suit the layout of your house when placing the fridge.

1. Employ Pull-out Solutions

A good way to add a fridge in a living room with little space is by using pull-out solutions. These are like drawers in a cabinet door. You just open them to view everything from above. When you shut them, they hide away, matching your furniture.

In small areas, big tower units or appliances can block light from windows or other features. A built-under fridge might feel like a compromise because of hard to reach access. To solve this, manufacturers made fridge drawers. They integrate well in any room and fit into the run of units with a cabinetry front, making them almost invisible.

2. Leave a Space and Build Around

When you have an American-style fridge-freezer that is deeper than your normal cabinetry, a good way is to build cabinets around it. This makes the fridge less obtrusive. Make sure your installer leaves enough adequate ventilation for the appliance. These freestanding units aren’t meant to be integrated. The hefty doors of the fridge might protrude a bit, but they need space to swing open. You can shop around for brands with shallower designs that fit better with your kitchen cabinets, but these might be at higher price ranges.

3. Nestle it under a Worktop Overhang

A smart place for a wine fridge in your living room is under the worktop at a breakfast bar or an island. This way, it’s hidden but still easy to access when you’re entertaining. Wine fridges usually have glass doors, so they’re not as hidden as other appliances. If you don’t want it to stand out, tuck it under the worktop’s protruding lip where there’s seating. It stays accessible for guests, but you can hide it, maybe even behind a bar stool, when it’s not needed.

4. Integrate Behind Cabinet Doors

A good way to hide a refrigerator is by using an integrated type. These fridges are made to fit right behind kitchen unit doors. Integrated appliances are created to sit in cabinetry. They have good ventilation and insulation so they don’t get too hot. Tall integrated fridges or fridge-freezers usually go into a 600mm-wide larder unit, but they might hold less than freestanding equivalents.

You can also transform your fridge into a sophisticated storage unit by integrating it in a custom cabinet. This way, it matches the room and helps organize. It’s great for saving space in your living room.

5. Create a Bank of Tall Units

A good idea for your living room is to use a fridge-freezer as part of tall units. This is great if you have a long wall space with no windows or other things in the way. This ideal space can have a set of tower units for lots of storage, and they can also house the fridge-freezer.

If you’re integrating appliances, you’ll need about 600mm depth in your tower run. Suppose there’s a side-wall window about 480mm from your tower-run wall. In that case, a designer can use different depths. You can have normal larder storage at the ends and the fridge and freezer in the middle, making it stick out a bit. This setup, called a breakfront, when made symmetrically, becomes a cool part of the room, not just a compromise.

6. Make Space in a Corner

Using corner spaces in the living room like in kitchens can be smart. Clever suppliers have made a corner refrigerator for such spaces. This fridge has its door on a diagonal and gives you lots of chilled storage. It’s a full appliance that fits right into your existing cabinetry. It takes up a corner about one square metre in size. This way, you use those hard-to-fill spots for storage. It can be part of your room’s base level or like a large L-shaped larder.

7. Camouflage it with Colour-Matching

Even if a fridge-freezer is freestanding, you can blend it in. A kitchen designer in this image has matched the fridge’s colour and handles with the cabinets. This gives everything a uniform look and makes the design flow neatly without any jarring contrasts.

Also, when you’re shopping for a new freestanding design, look for fridges in colours and shades that match your existing cupboard doors. This helps the fridge fit in with the rest of your room.

8. Consider access and position

When you want to put a fridge-freezer in your living room, think about where to put it. An integrated or freestanding fridge should not block the way or be hard to get to. You want the right spot where it does not get in the way but you can use it easily. I found putting the fridge near a work surface helps. You can move items to and from the worktop easily.

The door on a integrated fridge is usually thicker because of the shelves. This might make it hard to reach the vegetable drawers. One mistake is putting the fridge too close to a wall. This can stop the door from opening wide and the internal drawers from coming out all the way. Make sure you can open the door wide.

In the kitchen, people put the fridge-freezer near the oven or other appliances. In the living room, you need to think more about where to put it. You do not want heat transfer from other things in the room. By looking at the layout and thinking about how you will use it, you can find a good place for your fridge that looks nice and works well.

9. Sneak in a Decor Panel

My galley kitchen had a problem. Not much space and many windows and doors. I needed a clever solution. The fridge and the range oven had to be close, like neighbors. But one heats, and the other cools. They were not compatible. They didn’t have enhanced insulation like integrated appliances.

So, I put a decor panel between them. This panel worked as a barrier. It kept the fridge out of sight when looking down the galley run. I chose a white panel. It matched the walls and made the place look less cluttered.

In another part of the room, I hid the appliance differently. I added a panel next to the fridge. The panel had the same shade as the cabinets. This made the fridge stay out of sight.

In the living room, sliding panels that match the living room’s decor were my choice. They give concealment and style. These panels move, like a movable barrier. They let me get to the fridge easily. They keep the fridge discreetly hidden when not needed.

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10. Carve out Alcoves

When I was planning my home makeover, a full building project, I wanted everything to fit well. The goal was a seamless solution for cupboards and appliances. Instead of just units on a wall, I thought of something different. I built a block from the ceiling. This made alcoves for cabinets. It looked sleek. My integrated fridge fit right in, like part of the crowd.

I decided to carve an alcove in the room’s design. This was for the fridge. It helped hide the fridge and gave the room a nice look. It felt like the fridge was always meant to be there.

Alcoves are great for space. They make sure walls don’t stick out. The fridge in the alcove didn’t take up extra room. It didn’t protrude. Everything felt right in place.

11. Under the Stairs

You want to hide your fridge in the living room. A good spot is under the stairs. This place has the height you need. You can install a fridge here. If it’s free-standing, good. Or make it blend in more with cabinet doors in front. This gives you extra storage space and a clean uniform look.

Make sure there’s enough ventilation around the fridge to prevent overheating. A heat sink can help with this. It keeps things cool and safe. Remember, you need sufficient air moving around so your fridge works right and stays hidden without any trouble. This way, you turn a simple staircase area into a perfect place for your refrigerator. It’s like adding additional cabinetry but for a cool purpose.

Other options

Look for options to hide your fridge in the living room. Think about the hallway or office. These places offer good space. You can also use the area underneath staircases. This gives you the height you need and uses ceiling space well. You keep your lounge area free this way.

Remember, using different spots can work well. Look around, and you might find the perfect place you hadn’t thought of before. This way, your living room stays neat, and your fridge stays out of sight.

12. At the Side of a Sofa

You have a small fridge and want to keep it out of sight in your living room. A good spot is right by the side of a sofa. Put the fridge there. Then, cover it with a piece of plywood. Now, it looks like a side table or a worktop. You can use this new table for drinks and magazines. It’s easy to reach and accessible. No one will know there’s a fridge under there. This option makes your space neat and keeps your living room looking good.

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Camouflage Options

When you decide on a great location for your fridge in the living room, think about how to blend it in. Camouflage means making your fridge less conspicuous. You can integrate it with the room’s look. This helps free up space in the kitchen too. You are ready to make your room look better. Start looking at options. There are a few ways to do this. You can cover the fridge or put it somewhere clever. These ideas help hide your fridge well.

13. Fridge Door Coverings

Fridge in living room? No need to hide it. I tried something new instead of putting it behind a cabinet. I made my fridge a cool part of my room. How? With adhesive stickers. It’s not just hiding now, it’s a special feature in my room.

I got this idea from online. I saw people turning their refrigerators into art. They used colours and stripes and made amazing art displays. So, I did that too. My fridge got a big change. It has bright colours now. It looks great.

Another way is using magnetic panels. These are not like adhesive strips. They cover the whole fridge door. They give a big colour boost. It’s like a new appliance. This makes the fridge stand out. It doesn’t just hide away. It’s there, in plain sight, but looks awesome.

So, this is how I made my fridge more than a fridge. It’s now a fun part of my living room.

14. Picture or Photo Display

Integrate your refrigerator into your room with a smart trick. Turn it into a display for photos or artwork. Use magnetic frames to put up your favorite pictures. This way, you are hiding the fridge. It becomes out of sight. Your fridge now looks like part of your room’s decor.

15. Furniture Camouflage

To mask your fridge in the living room, try using furniture like sideboards or cabinets. Just place the fridge behind these units. It not only conceals the fridge but also makes the room look better. This kind of furniture has two uses. It works well and keeps your room looking neat.

In your lounge, hide your refrigerator like you would in a kitchen. Build cabinetry around it. The cabinet door should match up with the fridge door and open the right direction. This way gives you more cabinet space if you need it. It also matches the style with your other room furniture without any weird differences. It makes the fridge fit right into your living space.

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16. Hang Cabinets Around the Fridge

For a stylish solution to hiding your fridge, try hanging cabinets around it. First, measure the area near your fridge. Then, look for pre-fabricated cabinets that fit snugly. Use a drill and screws to secure them to the walls. Make sure to add hinges and door locks. Once you have the cabinets installed, paint them in a color you like. This way, they match your living room’s décor and everything looks just right.

17. Artistic Coverings

Convert your fridge into something special. Use artistic methods like decals, wallpapers, or hand-painted murals. These make the fridge merge well with your room’s look. It’s a simple way to make your fridge not just an appliance, but an artistic focal point. This approach often starts conversations and adds a unique touch to your space.

18. Underneath a Room Divider

In a home with an open plan, you often see the kitchen and lounge area together. Hiding a big appliance like a refrigerator can be tricky. I found a way that works. You can put the fridge underneath a room divider. This hides it and looks good too. The divider makes a private section between the rooms. On one side, it’s for the lounge. On the other, it hides the fridge.

You can also add a breakfast bar at the divider. Put a worktop overhang and some bar stools there. It’s a spot to eat and relax. This way, you can get to the fridge easily. The fridge door is right there, easy to open. Putting things this way is clever. It makes the lounge look good and keeps your fridge hidden. This is a stylish way to use space in your home.

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19. Under Counter Placement

Hiding your fridge in a living room is easy if you have a smaller, compact one. Put it under the counters or tables. This way, it conceals the appliance and keeps your room looking neat. This kind of setup is ergonomic. It means everything you need is close by, right at arm’s reach. This is a smart way to use space in your home.

20. Appliance Garage

An appliance garage is a smart way to hide your fridge in the living room. Think of it as a special parking spot just for the fridge. This purpose-built cabinet shields your fridge. It keeps your living room looking tidy. The fridge is easy to get to, the accessibility is unhindered. So, your fridge has its own designated space and your room stays neat.

21. Custom Paneling

A smart way to hide your fridge in the living room is with custom paneling. You can choose design panels that mirror your living room’s aesthetics. Affixing these panels to the fridge makes it indistinguishable from other room elements. This way, your fridge blends in and looks just like part of the room.

22. Hidden Pantry

To hide your fridge in the living room, you can construct a subtle pantry nook. This hidden zone in the living room is a good place to house the fridge. It keeps the fridge accessible but not in plain sight. This way, your living room stays neat, and your fridge fits in without standing out.

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Hiding your fridge in the living room can be smart and stylish. You can make the refrigerator blend with the surroundings. Use paneling ideas for this. In a kitchen, a big fridge usually holds souvenir magnets and wedding invitations. But in open-plan layouts, you want everything to look neat. Paneling and built-ins can disguise your fridge. This makes a hidden fridge cabinet that matches your other cabinetry. It gives a unified look to the entire kitchen or living area.

Lots of homeowners like the “refrigerator in cabinet” style. It’s a design trend now. For such projects, general contractors are helpful. Companies like Sweeten can help. They find good home renovation projects and vetted contractors. They give advice and support. They also handle secure deposits. This makes your renovation easy and worry-free.

In the end, you get more than a hidden fridge. Your room looks good and everything fits in the right place.

1. A Designer Seeks Visual Harmony

As a furniture designer, I worked with Mitzie and her partner, Jenifer. They wanted their integrated kitchen in blue and white. The goal was to make the entire space look simplified and unified. Before, it was outdated with many different closets. We used mood boards and planned carefully. This made a nice change to the living space. We put in a hidden fridge cabinet that blends with the kitchen cabinetry. We also made two symmetrical closets next to the main kitchen. One is a closet, and the other hides the washer and dryer. This made everything in the kitchen fit together well.

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2. Compact Size with a Hidden Fridge Cabinet

I fixed up my 600-square-foot studio in an old brownstone. I wanted Scandinavian minimalism and California casualness. My main goal: keep the place open and airy. I had to think about the kitchen. I chose a hidden fridge cabinet. This was a special cabinet. It fit the refrigerator, a pull-out freezer, and a washer/dryer combo. All under the countertop.

I got this idea from Janet and Jerry’s pied-à-terre. They did something similar. They made sure their renovation did not have vertical disruptions. This is common in many rental units. I also put in cafe-style seating. This gives a nice spot for coffee or meals. Now, the kitchen feels like part of the living area. It shows good design can change a space. Even a refrigerator can fit in well.

3. A Custom Touch for a Fridge

In East Hampton, Jennifer and Alex made their kitchen blend with the living area. They kept it simple and welcoming. They added a large island for fun and quartz countertops for a smooth look. The main change was their wine fridge. It was not only for cooling bottles but also for style. They chose a modern, integrated refrigerator. This made the fridge match the cabinets, almost hiding it. Their design made their home feel bigger and more open. I use this idea too. It changes the kitchen from just cooking to being part of the living area.

4. A Hidden Fridge Cabinet Finds a Niche

Ainsley and Simon had a good idea for their kitchen. They worked with an architect. They found a decorative column. They made a plan. The plan was to hide the fridge. They put the fridge in the column. They used custom panels on the fridge. When you look at it, it does not look like a fridge. This made their kitchen special.

5. A seamless built-in

Lauren had a front door that opened right into the kitchen. She had to choose. She could have a normal entryway or a mixed space that made her kitchen bigger. She chose to make the kitchen bigger. She put in a seamless wall with cabinetry. This wall had a refrigerator in a cabinet, a pantry, and a coat closet. This made her kitchen look good and work well.

6. A Wall of Closets: Blending Function and Style

Tara and Brian worked with a contractor to make their living space and kitchen space better. They had an idea to move the refrigerator. They put it on a wall with closets. Now the fridge fits with the cabinetry. It does not stick out in the main cooking space. This made their home look and work better.

7. A Hidden Fridge Cabinet Around a Structural Column

Casey and Kumar live in an apartment. They are smart with their small kitchen. They use clever storage solutions to make more space. They have custom cabinetry. It covers the refrigerator and a neighboring pantry. This cabinet also hides a structural column in the room. It looks like part of the wall but has a fridge inside. This is a good way to use a small space. It makes the kitchen look neat and gives more room for other things.

8. A Clever Closet-Turned-Fridge Idea

Roxana and Gabriel live in Long Island City. They have a loft. They wanted it to look Scandinavian chic. They got a Sweeten contractor to make their space look minimalistic. They had an idea for their refrigerator. It used to be in the main kitchen area. They moved it to a closet. This closet was for coats before. It was hard to find the right size appliance. They custom cut Ikea panels to fit the new fridge space. Now, their fridge is hidden in their stylish home.

9. A Hidden Fridge Cabinet Unifies the Kitchen

A couple in Manhattan had a goal. They wanted their living arrangement to be open concept. So, they took down the wall between the kitchen and family room. They put a custom unit there. This unit has storage on both sides. They needed to fit a Sub-Zero refrigerator. It’s fully integrated. They also wanted standard-sized appliances. Their contractor team worked on many iterations. They made a great layout. It lets them have full-size things in their kitchen. The homeowner was happy to share this.

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10. A Puzzle of Panels

I wanted my living room fridge hidden. I thought of panels. I talked with my contractor. We made a seamless look. We used narrow panels. These hide the fridge. We matched it to my kitchen. We added cabinets. We put in a secret pantry. We made space for brooms and mops.

I took Sally’s advice. My place had to stay ready and clean. I started this home change. I incorporate it all. My wall has multi-use units now. My living space looks better. Friends don’t see the fridge. They love the remodel surprise.

A Note on Fixture and Appliance Deliveries

I wanted to hide my fridge in the living room. I learned about fixture and appliance deliveries. My time was tight. I found Appliances Connection. They had many items in stock and ready. They ship nationally. I live in the NY/NJ metro area. They said in-stock items get delivered in 2-3 days. This was good for me. I got my fridge and other things fast. It was easy and quick.

How to Hide Your Refrigerator in Plain Sight with Appliance Panels?

I made my refrigerator fit in my living room. I used appliance panels. This made the big, prominent item look like my other furniture. My kitchen changed a lot over the years. Appliance manufacturers worked hard on styling. They made appliances look nice. But they were still big, rectangular boxes that could take over the room.

I saw pictures of kitchens. They had beautiful, stainless appliances. These stood out. They added nice contrast and metal design to the rooms.

Today, stainless steel is a favorite for refrigerators. There are big kitchen appliances in new colors. Like black stainless steel and bronze stainless steel. Many people love this look. But some want their fridge to not stand out so much.

Why Panel a Refrigerator with Wood Appliance Panels?

Wood appliance panels make refrigerators fit better in kitchens. If your refrigerator looks too big or out of place, panels help. They make the fridge blend with your cabinets. Many don’t like the shiny metal of stainless steel refrigerators. It’s too much for some kitchens. Panels are a good alternative. They take wood from your cabinets and put it on your fridge. This makes the fridge less noticeable and everything look seamless.

I changed my kitchen to suit my taste. I selected doors for my cabinets that had a shiplap-like texture. It fits the East Coast Shingle Style I wanted. In my home, we cook often with fresh food. Big appliances can take over the room. But, with paneled refrigerators on opposite sides of the cooking range, the kitchen feels right. It doesn’t just look different; it feels special. Many homeowners choose this to make their kitchens show their style.

Enjoy More Style & Color Options with an Appliance Panel Refrigerator

When you put a fridge in the living room, you want it to fit your style. Appliance panel refrigerators give many finish options. I used Dura Supreme Cabinetry for its wood panels and door styles. These let me choose a finish that compliments my kitchen cabinets and goes well with the living room. The fridge looks hidden and fits in.

Wood appliance paneling adds style and flair. I picked a door style with big decorative pulls. This made my fridge look special. I put customized panels on the fridge. They have mirrors and reflect the room. They look like the glass doors on my cabinets. This makes my fridge look like art in my home.

You don’t just hide the fridge; you make it part of your room. With panel ready appliances, you can choose a different finish or color to make it stand out. Now, my living room has a fridge that looks good and shows my style.

Disguise Your Kitchen Appliances with Cabinetry

Refrigerators that are panel ready are a smart choice. They usually are counter-depth or built models. This means they fit well with your cabinetry. They make everything look good together. The panels on these fridges are made to match the doors of your cabinets. This way, the big appliance looks just like part of your kitchen. It’s like a cabinetry disguise for the big box in your room. Your fridge doesn’t stick out but disappears into the look of the room, making your space look better.

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This Common Awkward Rental Layout Issue Is Solvable—Here’s How to Deal with a Lonely, Floating Fridge

Moving into a home or apartment with a freshly renovated kitchen feels amazing. But sometimes, you face a challenge like a lonely, floating fridge in a spacious but awkward kitchen. Last month, I moved into a place with this exact problem. The fridge just randomly floats in the middle of a wall, no cabinets surrounding it. It looked strange and lonely. This was something I noticed often while apartment hunting, so many renters must encounter this too.

I wasn’t going to let this outdated and impractical setup be my kitchen’s downfall. I’m no glutton for punishment, but I do find fun in the challenge to transform an outdated room without gutting it. So, I asked a few experts how to anchor what I call wandering fridges. They gave me ideas to make the layout flow better. I found examples of fab kitchens where others utilized these ideas successfully. It was all about implementing thoughtful kitchen design ideas to turn a problem into a feature.

I’ve started saving these inspirations in my file, and maybe you’ll want to flag them for yours too. With some creativity and the right design ideas, even the most awkward appliance placement can become part of a beautiful, cohesive kitchen. It’s all about how you frame it and the details you add to blend the fridge into your living space.

Add Storage to the Setup

Amelia Strat is a designer who knows about small older apartments. She has lived in many and often encountered the issue of a fridge that looks out of place. Her best idea is to anchor the fridge with a freestanding shelving unit or a baker’s rack if there’s room. This not only anchors the fridge visually but also offers additional storage and sometimes extra counter space. For small spaces, Amelia says IKEA is a good place to find the right furniture.

If IKEA is not your style, she suggests looking for an old shelving unit. Pieces made of rattan or brass don’t look too much like they belong in a kitchen, so they make the space look nicer while giving you functional storage space. A wooden console, like she saw in one kitchen, can make the fridge look like it’s meant to be there, not just stuck in as an afterthought. This way, your living space looks better and works better for you.

Surround the Fridge with Commercial Shelving

Chris McGovern from McGovern Project LLC has a good idea for hiding your fridge. He says to use the industrial look and get commercial shelving. This kind of shelving is what you see in big kitchens where they cook a lot of food and need lots of storage. The idea is to create a frame or surround for your refrigerator to make it look like it belongs there on purpose. He thinks you should put these shelves on the sides and top of your fridge.

He says to buy posts that are taller than your fridge and shelves that are wider than it. Then make it look nice, like you’re having a fancy dinner with someone like Ina Garten. Keep the things you don’t want to see on the bottom shelves. Put your plates or cereal where you can see them easily. Maybe put some plants on the top. This way of hiding your fridge is good for people who rent because you don’t need to use any tools or make holes in the walls. It’s a simple and smart way to make your living space look neat and nice.

Replace it with a Retro-Inspired Fridge

If you don’t like the industrial look, think about a retro-inspired refrigerator. These fridges are popular and look great on their own. Many like the SMEG refrigerator but find it pricey. Brands like Galan and Unique Metro offer sleek, retro refrigerator/freezers for under $1,000. If you want to swap, talk to your landlord about the chance to replace the existing unit. They might help with the cost or pay part of it, especially if your place needs an upgrade.

A retro fridge can fix the floating fridge problem in your kitchen and add a strong style statement. It becomes a bold piece in your room. Everyone will notice its retro beauty. If buying one isn’t an option, you can DIY the retro look with paint. Just make sure to get approval first if you don’t own the fridge. This way, you can make your fridge stand out without spending much, just a few bucks to spare.

Add Removable Wallpaper

If you want to hide your fridge in the living room, try something fun. Put removable wallpaper on the fronts and sides of the fridge. This idea comes from Alessandra Wood at Modsy, an online interior design service. The wallpaper can match your room. It makes the fridge look like part of the room, not just a lonely appliance.

Placement and Perspective

Where you put your fridge is important. You need to think about how it looks to others. Put it in a good spot. It should be easy to get to and look nice in your room. The fridge can be a focal point, not something weird.

Put a Few Plants on It

To hide your fridge in the living room, you don’t need much money. If you have a tight budget, no need to buy expensive storage solutions or replacement fridges. A good way is to anchor your fridge with houseplants that don’t cost much. McGovern once said to put a group of plants on the top of the fridge. This makes it look nice. Choose planters that look good. This gives your room a jungle look. It makes the fridge feel like it’s meant to be there, a part of your room.

Dress it Up

If your fridge doesn’t look good in the living room, try adding some wallpaper or your own things. This helps even with a less nice-looking refrigerator. You can put up photos, magnets, or notes. This colorful fridge makeover helps. It doesn’t fix it floating in the room, but it takes eyes off the wonky placement. Now, your fridge seems like part of the room.

How to Hide Fridge in Living Room?

Are you tired of looking at the large, bulky fridge when you enter your living room? Maybe you wish your space had more aesthetic appeal. You don’t need a big remodel. With some creative thinking and DIY solutions, it’s easy to hide your refrigerator right there in plain sight.

This blog post gives you clever ideas to disguise or incorporate your fridge into your living room’s overall design. How? By using stylish cabinets around your fridge. Or, use wall decals. They make your fridge look like a piece of art. There are many numerous ways to give your fridge a unique look. At the same time, it keeps being a useful appliance, your refrigerator.

So, grab your tools. Let’s explore some interesting techniques. These will help make sure your fridge, the li’l ol’ clunk, blends well with your environment.

Necessary Tools and Materials

To hide your fridge in the living room, you need some tools and materials. First, pick wallpaper or wall covering material for camouflaging the refrigerator. You also need a drill, screws, and mounting brackets for hanging cabinets.

Here are simple steps:

  1. Choose wallpaper that looks nice in your room.
  2. Use the drill to make holes for screws and mounting brackets.
  3. Put up hanging cabinets with hinges and door locks.
  4. Get paintbrushes or sponges to put paint on cabinet doors.
  5. Stick adhesive with a ruler for decals.
  6. Use magnets or hooks for utensils, dry ingredients, spices, or kitchen towels.

These are the necessary items you need for different ways to hide the fridge.

10 Step-by-step Guides on How to Hide Fridge in Living Room

Step 1: Camouflage the Refrigerator with Wallpaper

Hide your fridge in the living room in a simple and quick way. Use wallpaper. This is a wall covering material. It makes your fridge blend with the background. Here is how:

  • Take measurements of the area around your refrigerator. You need the right size for the wallpaper.
  • Cut out pieces of wallpaper. They should match your measurements.
  • Apply adhesive on the backside of these pieces. This makes them stick to the wall.
  • Adhere these pieces to the walls near your fridge. They should cover the walls well. This creates a seamless look. Your fridge will now appear as part of the wall itself.

This way, your fridge blends in. It looks like part of your living room wall.

Step 2: Hang Cabinets Around the Fridge

Hide your fridge in the living room. Measure the area around it. Find pre-fabricated cabinets that fit well and snugly around your fridge. Install these cabinets. Use a drill and screws to secure them to the walls. Add hinges and door locks to the cabinets. After installing, you can paint the cabinets any color you like. This matches them with your living room décor. This way, your fridge blends in nicely.

Step 3: Incorporate Decals into Your Design Scheme

Hide your fridge with decals. It’s fun and easy. Measure the area around your refrigerator. Choose decals that fit the dimensions. Use adhesive and a ruler to apply the decals. Pick flowers, geometric shapes, or abstract art. Put them on the wall near your fridge. They make an eye-catching pattern. This makes your fridge blend in with your room’s design.

Step 4: Utilize Magnetic Hangings

Make your fridge look stylish and organized. Use magnetic hangings. Put magnets or hooks on cabinets sides near the fridge. Then, hang things like utensils, dry ingredients, spices, and kitchen towels. This keeps your cooking supplies in track. Your fridge will look neat and tidy.

Step 5: Maximizing Refrigerator Functionality with Storage Options

Hide your refrigerator and maximize its use. Add storage options like shelves or drawers. First, measure the area around the appliance. Choose pre-fabricated ones that fit snugly in your space. Use these shelves or drawers to store food items and cooking supplies. This is useful in the kitchen and used often.

Step 6: Incorporate Greenery Into Your Design Scheme

Hide your fridge in a unique way. Use greenery in your design. Place pots with small plants or herbs around your refrigerator. This makes the area bright and inviting. It changes the atmosphere in your living room.

Step 7: Utilize Decorative Items

Hide your fridge using decorative items. Choose vases, artwork, mirrors, or vintage books. Measure the area around your appliance. Pick pieces that fit the dimensions. Then place these items around your refrigerator. This creates a cohesive look that ties in with your living room décor.

Step 8: Use Wall Partitions for Maximum Concealment

First, measure the area where you want the fridge. This helps when you go buying pre-fabricated panels. Make sure the size is right for your refrigerator. Then, install them as walls around the fridge. You can use hinges and locks to keep it secure but still easy to access when you need to.

I tried this, and it works well. You hide the fridge and make the room look nice. Choose partitions that look good in your room. This way, you make the space yours and keep it simple and neat.

Step 9: Add Shelves Above the Fridge

You want to hide your refrigerator and use space well. Put shelves above the fridge. Choose pre-fabricated shelving units. They fit well and go right on the wall. You can keep food items and kitchen supplies there. This makes your kitchen look organized. Everything is easy to access. I did this at my place. It looks good and makes things easy to find.

Step 10: Create a Focal Point with Wall Art or Backsplash

You want to hide your fridge in the living room. Try wall art or a backsplash for a good look. This makes a nice focal point and people notice this, not the fridge. First, you measure the area around the fridge. Then pick pre-fabricated pieces that fit the space. You use adhesive to stick them to the wall. This creates a pretty visual feature.

This method helps your fridge mix in well. It keeps your room looking stylish and organized. Overall design scheme gets better and everything looks great. I did this myself, and it really changes how the room feels. Just follow these steps, use these tips and tricks. Soon, your living space will look new with a focal point that everyone loves.

What Is A Hidden Fridge Called?

Most people call a fridge that is hidden or hard to find a “integrated refrigerator.” Integrated freezers are made to look like they are part of the kitchen cabinets. This gives the kitchen a smooth, uniform look.

What Is The Best Way To Hide A Fridge?

Whether you’re looking to conceal your refrigerator for aesthetic or practical reasons, you’ll find plenty of options. Common practices include:

  • Integrated cabinetry is one of the most popular options. To make the refrigerator seem more at home in the kitchen, a custom cabinet may be built around it.
  • To hide a refrigerator and add flair to a space, you may install sliding panels or doors that simulate the appearance of barn doors.
  • Utilize wall decals/wallpaper. Adding decals or wallpaper to your refrigerator that matches the design of the surrounding walls or cabinets may make it seem more at home in its new environment.

Can A Fridge Be Kept In A Cupboard?

In some modern home plans, fridges are put inside cabinets or shelves. But there are important things to keep in mind:

  • Ventilation: Refrigerators need enough wind so they don’t get too hot and break. The cabinet should have enough air or be made especially for putting a fridge in it.
  • Size: Make sure the cupboard is big enough to fit the fridge and is easy to get into.
  • Heat Dissipation: The back and sides of a refrigerator let heat out. If this heat was trapped in a small area, the fridge might not work as well. Make sure there is enough space between the walls of the fridge and the cabinet.

How To Hide A Mini Refrigerator In Your Room?

A mini fridge is a useful appliance that offers convenience, especially in bedrooms or personal workspaces. However, its aesthetics may not always align with your room’s décor.

  • Furniture Integration:If your room has a large enough dresser or nightstand, consider creating a space within it for your mini fridge. This will require some modification but ensures that the fridge doesn’t disturb the room’s theme.
  • Draped Table:Position your mini fridge in a corner of the room and place a decorative table over it. Ensure the tablecloth or drapery is long enough to hide the fridge completely.
  • Room Divider:If your room’s layout permits, a chic room divider can camouflage the mini fridge while also adding character.

Storing a Fridge Outside a Kitchen

Sometimes, not enough space in the kitchen for all appliances. You might need to hide your fridge in the living room. If integrated appliances behind kitchen cabinets don’t fit, you need a new plan. Try to hide your fridge freezer with cupboards or cabinetry. Put it where it looks like part of the room, not just a kitchen thing.

Or, don’t hide it. Make your fridge a cool part of the room. Some fridges have funky designs, colours, and patterns. They can make your place look fun. Your fridge can be a fun feature, not just something to hide.

Your home, your choice. Hide the fridge or show it off. Do what feels right for your place. Make your living room and kitchen work for you, no matter the space.

How To Make A Fridge Disappear In A Kitchen?

The kitchen, being the hub of culinary activities, often requires appliances like fridges. Here’s how to blend them seamlessly.

  • Panel-Ready Fridges: Opt for fridges that come ready for custom panels. These panels can match your kitchen cabinetry, making the fridge indistinguishable.
  • Appliance Garage: A dedicated alcove or space in the kitchen can house the fridge. This “appliance garage” ensures the fridge is accessible yet inconspicuous.
  • Island Integration: Modern kitchen islands often have built-in spaces for appliances. Your fridge can find a home here, tucked away but within reach.

Professional Consultation Is Key:

Before undergoing significant room modifications, always seek advice from professionals. Costs, feasibility, and design coherence are vital factors that require expert opinions.


Can Mini Fridges Be Safely Stored In Cabinets?

Yes, but ensure there’s adequate ventilation to prevent overheating.

How Can I Ensure Safety When Integrating Appliances?

Always consult professionals and refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Are There Specialized Cabinets for Fridges?

Yes, many modern designs account for appliance storage, ensuring aesthetics and functionality coexist.

Can These Methods Work for Any Fridge Size?

Most methods are adaptable to different sizes. However, solutions like under-counter placement work best with compact fridges.

Is Ventilation a Concern When Hiding Fridges?

Yes, always ensure there’s adequate space around the fridge for ventilation to prevent overheating.

What’s The Cost of Cabinet Integration?

Costs can vary based on design complexity and materials.

Concluding Thoughts: How to Hide Fridge In Living Room

Hiding a fridge in your living room doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. With the above methods, you can ensure your appliance remains inconspicuous while maintaining the room’s elegance. As always, consider the fridge’s ventilation and accessibility when opting for these solutions.

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