Cover Sofa with Throws [Cozy Makeover!]

how to cover a sofa with throws

Adding lots of delicate goods to your living region is one technique to cause it to feel comfortable and welcoming. A space without delicate decorations might feel uninviting, cold, and harsh. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, soft furnishings provide coziness and texture that may be curled into, as well as reduce background noise. Wooden and tiled floors absorb sound poorly, making the space echoed and devoid of coziness and mood.

Throws are an easy and quick method to update a living area, but all too often, people buy themselves a throw for the living room only to discover they have no idea how to arrange it on their sofa!

As usual, we advise playing around and experimenting with styling. You don’t need to be concerned about mistakes in your design and ending up with an unsatisfactorily designed space. The most skilled stylists experiment until they get the ideal balance of appearance and comfort. Let us guide you through a few simple steps on how to cover a sofa with throws like an expert!

What Is the Use of Throws on Sofas?

There are several reasons throws are used on sofas! One is to decorate your couch. Throws are a great way to cover up defects and stains on sofa backs while still having easy access to them for a cozy snuggle underneath!

Depending on how you dress them, they can also add a more casual touch to your area.

Throws are also used to shield your sofa from dog or cat claws that can rip the fabric. In these situations, the throw can shield the sat area by covering the entire sofa or by tucking it under the cushion edges.

When people feel that their sofa is out of style or that the color or style does not go with the rest of the space, they frequently use throws in this way. Changing the color of your sofa to a more complementary hue for the space might be a cost-effective and simple solution.

Throws on a sofa can also be used to warm them up! Your leather sofa will feel warmer as well as cozier if you cover it with a throw if you find it to be cold. If you feel that the room is a little chilly, you can also utilize the throw to wrap over yourself.

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Selecting the Appropriate Throw

There are a few factors to take into consideration while selecting the ideal throw for your couch. Consider your living room’s color palette above all else.

You should select a throw that artistically contrasts or enhances the existing decor in your home.

Next, think about the throw’s material and texture. Do you prefer wool or fleece, or something softer and cozier? Or would you rather wear something lighter, like linen or cotton? Additionally, the texture can give your room intrigue and depth.

Consider the intended use of the throw. Will it be used only for decoration or will it provide an additional layer of warmth in the winter? If throws are to be used, choose ones made of warm materials like wool mixes.

Patterns and Textures

They may give the design of your living room more depth, character, and dimension. Consider the textures that will work well with the fabrics in your room when choosing a throw.

Try adding a bulky faux or knit fur throw for some textural contrast, for example, if your furniture is leather or your surfaces are smooth, like glass tables.

On your couch, patterns can also be a key component of visual interest. Consider adding a patterned throw to your solid-colored furniture in neutral tones like beige or gray to give some individuality and break up the monotony of color.

How to cover a sofa with throws?

Here are a few helpful suggestions for a stylish, sophisticated, and elegant throw pillow placement on a sofa.

The Neat/Organic Appearance

Fold the throw lengthwise into thirds for a neat appearance, then drape it over the back of the couch so that it falls to the seating area. Depending on your preferred look, you can place it in the center of your sofa or out to one side. Precise folding is necessary for this classy and elegant look, so make sure your folds are straight and that the throw is tucked beneath the back sofa cushion to hold it in place. Don’t stuff your couch with too many cushions if you want this style to remain sleek and modern.

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Easy and Clear

There are times when simplifying tasks at home is unnecessary, and you can manage a lot by keeping your throw simple and manageable. The easiest method to accomplish this is to just center your sofa by draping the throw over the top of the back.

Off-centering the throw is a popular method to fool the eye. The classics are frequently your best buddy, so don’t undervalue them. There’s always the option to concentrate on only one side of the couch. It is essential to be able to utilize cushions to bring the two halves back together after they have been split. It simply isn’t possible to accommodate a blanket that covers the whole sofa without this.

Modern Textures

To reflect the informal look, combine throws with different materials and toss them carefully.

Grip a throw’s corner and casually drape it over the corner, incorporating pillows featuring various textures. Add some variety to your sofa with a variety of throws; why limit yourself to just one? This is another ruse to keep people wondering, and it can give off an unintentionally trendy yet laid-back vibe that many find comfortable and aesthetically pleasant.

The Over-the-Arm Style

A less formal appearance: fold your throw lengthwise into thirds, then have it in the opposite direction to create a more relaxed aspect. Then, you may neatly arrange this shorter blanket over the couch’s arm, showcasing the end tassels and fringe with a beautiful drape!

Using Color to Decorate

Which color do you throw?

Why not incorporate beige, fawn, or neutral throws to embrace your décor with soothing earth tones if your space is neutral? You can choose contrasting colors or a monochromatic plan, in which the throws and cushions are darker or lighter colors of the same color, in addition to matching throws to the décor of your space.

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Something different

You may always choose the straightforward look of rolling up your throws and putting them in an upright basket for guests to choose from and use to curl up on the sofa if you are still at a loss for ideas on what to style or what to wear.

You have to do what feels right for you when it comes to placing a throw on your sofas; there is no right or wrong way to do it. Before making a decision, try out various methods and final looks.

It doesn’t hurt to mix things up. If you switch up your throws while one is being washed, you can discover that, for example, one throw goes well with one style and another throw complements another throw even better than the first.


With the Throw, you may use it to help set the mood for the decor of your space by paying close attention to details. Hopefully, this guide has helped clarify the usefulness of these ascent parts. Your sense of style and proficiency in how to cover a sofa with throws will evolve organically as you gain more knowledge about textures, colors, and patterns.

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